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  1. I have 5 plants growing under 400w HPS. One of them is almost 4 weeks old. Its badly developing a nitrogen toxicity. This is because this one plant is a lot older than the other plants that are only around 1 week old. The 4 other plants are planted in proper organic soil but the 4 week old plant is planted in Miracle Grow.. (i know i know) I can't flush the MG because of the time release nutrients which sucks. So there is no way to get the nitrogen thats killing my plant out. If I transplanted her from her 2.5 gal pot to a 5 gal bucket of better soil would she begin to get better or should I just stick it out? IMG_7853.JPG
  2. There are a couples of things you could do.

    Try to flush the miracle grow. The time released fertilizer dissolves when contacted with water. Running larger amounts of water through can dissolve these coated pellets quicker. Do not water more often, simple water with larger amounts of run off when you do water. ALWAYS let the roots dry some before watering again.

    Move the current plant and soil to a larger pot with better soil. This can help, but doesn't get rid of the time released ferts in the current soil. Eventually when the ferts are all dissolved then the issue should be corrected.

    Remove the plant from the current pot, remove all of the miracle grow soil by washing the roots, and transplant in to new soil. This would be my preferred method as long as I had time for extra veg. It may stall the plant for a few days but if you are waiting on the others to catch up then that isn't a terrible thing. You do have to be careful with this method not to damage the roots when removing the old soil. Roots are actually really though however and as long as you take your time and support the plant when washing the roots then the damage will be extremely minimal and the positive effect from better soil will mitigate any set back in the long run.
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  3. I'm terrified to clean the soil off the roots so that's likely not an option.

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  4. Do you think its possible for this nitrogen toxicity to resolve itself in the same pot?

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