HUGE Marijuana plants outside Osama Bin Ladens compound. Question?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by HomeDepotGrower, May 4, 2011.

  1. I fully understand what landraces plants are and have known about the excellent weed that comes from this part of the world but what gets me thinking is how in the hell it does it. We preach, almost BRAINWASH certain key steps in our attempt to emulate mother nature I.e. 75-85 degrees, relative humidity to match heat index and so on, not to much water yet enough for photoperiod cycles to work and yet the conditions there right now are as follows, 93 degrees f outside, 30% humidity, Thunder and Lighting while pouring down tremendous amount of rain. However, in a field right behind his compound were plants (Shown right on CNN) that had colas the size of 4 D Battery Mag Lights, ya know the big black ones cops carry? A lot of them too. They just grow wherever they want.

    Just blows me away!!

    R.I.H. Osama!!!!
  2. The real shocker is that Osama was a pothead.
  3. maybe he was frustrated that his family set him up
  4. pics or it didn't happen.

    JK but i'd like to see these pics of his garden. A lot of national leaders in other countries smoke. The U.S. along with a handful of other countries are the only ones that blow it's reputation and look at it as a harmful drug.
  5. well many of those other countries simply act that way due to pressure from the U.S. a.k.a the reason why its still illegal in Jamaica
  6. Its not illegal if your Jamaican only white boys who try to smoke get in trouble mon.
  7. he didnt have any plants in his garden the plants in question were on the outside of his compound and belonged to his neighbor
  8. lol i dunno, biggest plant i've yet to grow was about 4.5 foot

  9. That's crazy that he would allow attention like an illegal MJ grow near his compound. If I were him I would have been in a normal residential house and never leave or go outside.

    Yeah my first grow last season I just threw a bagseed into a big ass pot and just watered it every few days. Never added nutrients or anything just water and had to use fungicide for some of the stem. But it ended up being 4.5 feet tall by the end of the season around September 20th I cut it and got 6.5 ounces dried and it was dank smelled amazing and was so crystally, way better than the bud I found the seed in... Not medical but it was dank.

    Now I know what i'm' doing and am growing Nirvana Master Kush in it's 3rd week of flowering and feeding it some yummy shit so this should turn out twice as good as long as I don't encounter any major problems *knocks on wood. But so far the plant is thriving in this 80 degree F weather for the next week. They love it.

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