Huge local bust..

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  1. 1500-1800 pound bust by the feds a small distance away from my town. It was the whole summer crop of weed for the surrounding areas. The guys running this operation owned a few car dealerships, and the op went across the country. The FBI was watching them for a year just waiting for the next big shipment. It came on one of those big freight trucks, and just as the guys are loading the pounds into separate vehicles, the SWAT team jumps out.

    Now 95% of the people my friends and I could get bud from are dry. We spent all day Sunday driving and calling people looking for nug, finally I found someone who( through two people ) knows a small op grower. I'll be nabbing a quarter tommorow afternoon. Got a road trip of about an hour there and an hour back but I think it will be worth it. The availability of weed around here is just so low right sucks. Anyone up for raiding the police station;) ?
  2. i've always wanted to stop when i saw a cop arresting someone for a large quantity and just fly past the car and nab a brick of whatever they were transporting.

    sucks that happened though. it's been really bad here to. can barely find any dank ozs anywhere.
  3. damn that sucks. they had a huge bust here last year sometime, and they put up signs all around town that said "you think it's dry now?" haha pretty witty.

  4. DDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,1800 elbows, your area is Fucked!!,someone smart is gonna make a road trip,cop some weight, and start a floodddddddd,thats what i'd do,take that shit over;)
  5. columbus just had a 2800 pound bust...$4 million worth of bud is what they said on the news. A truck was parked slightly off a curb for a couple days and an officer noticed an odd smell coming from it so they brought in dogs and what do you know the truck was filled with marijuana...28 boxes each with a hundred pounds of pot in them...fucking stupid now all that pot is just going to go to waste....i bet the evidence room smells fucking dank though if i was a cop i would definitely take a pound for myself if i had the chance...
  6. dude, if i was u, id sell my soul to the devil, and scrap up every last penny of money i could, and STOCK UP, 1800 lbs? thats not funny, i believe u when you say 95% of peopel are dry, and if ur driving an hour... thats 120 miles.... so thats atleast like another $10-15-20 in gas money, average for a qauter is like.. 80.. and considering its dry, he might charge more... so man.. STOCK UP is what im saying... unless a qauter lasts u a long time... but if u usually buy qauters, u might wanna try and get like an ounce... or 2... it could take awhile before things get straight in your town.
  7. yeah dude start a dealing network ;) you'll be rich in no time
  8. Just in time for summer too... looks like New England is going to suck this year!!! Good luck man, but like the other said, now's the time to make some money. Illegal markets are pure supply and demand, and man... you could be making a shit load of money if you wanted. BUt at the same time, be careful.... feds might be looking out for any scavengers to pick up the business... they could still be in the area.
  9. are you talkin about newburyport?

    I FUCKING HATE MYSELF... I FUCKING HATE MSELF... jesus god damnit fucking bullshitting CHRIST... fuck... apparently that bust is definetly affecting me in massachusetts.... GOD FUCKING DAMNIT... jesus.... i stopped "sharing" awhile ago, and picked up 1 last qp to last me the summer, cuz i remmeber last summer was dry as fuck too... but then i go.. eh... why not... and i "share" it all away... and now im completely fuckign dry, i dont even have like resin to smoke... let alone pot... and it looks like its gunna be awhile before i get some again... god... fucking.... damnit.... i shoulda just held onto the QP And smoked it all myself for the summer... but now look where i am...

    ... FUCK!.....
    i haven't even really smoked today... god damnit! im sorry.... im sorry... im so extremly upset at myself and in general.... i just don't know what to do... if by some miracle i can get another QP then im holding onto that bitch.... for life and limb...

    FUCCCCCK THE FEDS! STOP RUINING MY LIFE! fucking summer after senior yr, i just finished up HS.... AND IM FUCKING DRY ..... GOD... DAMNIT......

  11. you drive 120 miles an hour without stopping or slowing down?

  12. start growin fool!
  13. both ways ziggy... 1 hour there, 1 hour back, 2 total, at an average of 1 mile per minute, thats like 120 miles :p... lol well if i grow, the earliest that would help me is like... 3-4 months... that doesn't solve my problem of the NOW.... which is more pressing... summer was setting up to be amazing, and then that had to happen... and now its unclear how long i'll have to wait before i can pick up another QP...
  14. Yep, Newburyport is the bust I'm talkling about ziggy. I still drive down there every now and then to hit up nbpt skatepark (sick bowls)...grew up in a neighboring town.
  15. Man that sucks big donkey balls...this next bowl is for you and newburyport
  16. Yeah, not too far from here also, a few people I know were involved in a big bust not too long ago either. People are already paying $200 an O instead of the $160 - $180 and Ive heard of people paying $140 for a half O already($140 for 14 grams...I would never pay that)

  17. haha i thought you meant it was 120 miles away and that was a 1 hour drive:D hahah.

    ya man i know growing would take a long time im just throwing that out so you dont run into these problems in the future. im just about to finish up my first grow in 2 weeks. its lookin nice! and it did take 4 months :p but for future reference (if you decide to grow, or for anyone growing) the perfect time for harvest right before summer (if your growing indica that takes 8-9 weeks) than the perfect day to start flowering is 4/20! thats when i started. well i hope your able to get hooked up for the summer man that sucks that you had such a big bust in such a small town.
  18. this was over near in NH....that was a bummer...poor arreste to fed>>"you've got my weed, you've got my money, what the fuck else do you want" ASSHOLES!!

    it was a ton. a fucking ton. 10 mil ease :(

    the bummer is felt ...but potential almost tiny bright side...smaller growers might fair well economically...

    i think i read something about a mexican boarder tunnel that was part of this cross country thing, and they got fingered to be watched b/c of a fucking phone number...found through what the fuck else...the god damn Patriot Act...chit man. chit.
  19. i was thinking about growing for the summer ziggy, but it just didn't work out planning wise... because ill be gone the entire month of august, and i can't leave plants alone, indoors or out, for a full month :( ... prehaps indoor grow once i get back tho...!!

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