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  1. So im a Firefighter at my local engine company and tonight we responded to the biggest forest fire i have seen. These two kids that go to my school were up in the woods smoking a few joints and when they though someone was going to see them they tossed the joints into the woods. We havent had any rain in over 2 weeks and there were about 2 feet of dead dry leaves which all caught fire. The fire was about a football field long by 50 yards wide about 2 miles back a small trail into the forest. So my engine company and myself had to run back into the forest with huge fire extingusiers, axs, shovels, and long poles. It took 3hrs to put out and we ended up with alot of burns and someone broke their leg when they slid down the hill.

    Remember kids put your shit out before tossing into the brush
  2. how nice, another dumbshit stoner. its 90% of stoners that fuck up and give the 10% a bad name. hahaha kidding.

    im sorry you had to work so hard, that sucks. i hope they learn from this.
  3. yeah it was 75 tonight and with all the gear on and hiking through the woods and then being surrounded by fire i was soo fucking hot. i burnt off alot of my hair off and got 2nd degree burns on my wrist so im off work for a week.
  4. That's fucking kick ass. High school and firefighter? I thought I read you were in high-school in one of your posts. Damn man I want to do that. You live at the station? Or idk, hehe...

  5. yeah .... fire is bad shit .... we had a basement house fire a few years back, i tried to put it out with a little piss ant abc fx .... and almost didn't make it back up the stairs .....

    bad shit

    glad you're ok dude ...... enjoy the time off .. blaze a few :smoking:
  6. that's cool, how do you work at the fire station + go to high school?
  7. probably volunteer man
  8. yeah i can leave school when i get called. im also on call as a Rescue Diver for the City of Pittsburgh.
  9. damn dude, way to be a productive stoner, thats awesome.
  10. Wow, that's awesome man! Productive stoner! Sucks about the burns and hair though. Burned hair smells nasty lol...
  11. hey, im a senior in hs and want to become a firefighter. how did u get started. what was the first thing u did to get on track, and what did u do after taht?
  12. This is very kickass. How can I do this kind of thing? Damn I should have started this earlier. Could I have started before I turned 18? That seems so cool, but it's close to the the end of the year. Maybe... anyways. Yea...
  13. go down to your local fire department and just talk to someone down there. you'll fill out a form and then they'll give you all the training that you need. in pennsylvania you need to complete 166hrs of training before you are an actual firefighter. then you can take all kinds of extra courses and your state will pay for all that training as well. its pretty awesome to jus hang out with everyone at the firedept.
  14. you could have started before 18 but before 18 you arent allowed into a burning building. its def something fun to get into and it gives you a great feeling to help people.

  15. Im giving you some +rep. I have a HUGE amount of respect for firefighters and paramedics. Thanks for servin man:smoke:
  16. That is most cool. I'd love to do it just so I can leave school. Because school is boring, and it's a great excuse: "I'm sorry, I have to go save some people's lives". Most excellent.
  17. damn man thats awesome that you have a succesful career! i plan on doing the same thing as you but getting into the whistler fire dept. and then probaly do mountain bike guides in the summer time..... ahhhhh i cant wait just as soon as i get enough money im off
  18. Whistler BC? sweet i might be going to UBC for college.
  19. thats true the media only focuses on dumbass stoners they seem to stick themselves out there an be retarted an set a bad name for all pot smokers, even tho most are smart pot heads
  20. wow man thats great that you are helping your community out with that shit im gonna head up the fire station right now after i finish this post and ask about being a volenteer

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