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HUGE explosion on the Sun on June 7, 2011

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Superjoint, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hyi4hjG6kDM]YouTube - ‪HUGE explosion on the Sun on June 7, 2011‬‏[/ame]

    The Sun let loose with an enormous explosion on the morning of June 7, 2011. The entire eruption was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. The animation here is from the ultraviolet camera, colored orange to make it viewable.

    Here's a blog post with details and more video

  2. So epic!!!!!!!! Maybe the sun was smokin a bowl
  3. looks more like an orgasm ;-)

  4. Sun just queefed
  5. bhahahahaha thats actually exactly what it looks like, sungasms ftw
  6. It is actually a terrible thing for us. The explosion will send crazy amount of radiation that can even effect world in many different ways. I strongly advise everyone to be very carefull under sunlight for some time.

  7. This is also true, wasnt that HUGE blackhole in EU a few years back from a solar flare? or the one in NY??? I cant remember, i know there was a HUGE power outage caused by a solar flare not all that long ago....
  8. they said the sun is peaking in activity in these next 2 years
  9. Fuggin Mayans.
  10. I read the angle at with the coronal mass was ejected leads them to believe the interference with earth will only rank as G1 or G2 (g1 is low, g2 is moderate, and g5, the highest, would result in global power failure, risk to more simple biological life for short periods of time, those type of things) so its not something we need to be utterly concerned with at the moment, though.. if you are really far north or south, you may get quite a spectacle at night in a few days when that shit hits the mag fields hahahahah
  11. Wasn't directed towards us. Additionally, solar flares are no danger to humans, just electronics.

  12. It doesnt necessarily have to be, when she explodes off the sun, the massive gravity of the sun whips the shit around it as well and tosses it in every which direction, but yea, the mass of it is not headed our way.. but if say, a large enough one was to occur on the completely opposing side of the sun as us at that time, the gravity of the sun could easily hurl a bunch of it towards us still..... space is fucking sketch, its a miracle when non hostile things occur hahahaha

  13. No offense, but that's a lot of nonsense.
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    Ok, for example, in that video, when the explosion occurred did you notice how a good percentage of the explosion was sucked right back into the sun, some of that, was far enough out, to get sucked back, but not actually hit the sun and was whipped around it. In this case, it wasnt a large scale thing, but if half of the surface was to explode off, it would whip back most of it into the sun again due to the gravity, some would be ejected past the escape velocity of the sun, and never change paths, and some would get pulled back, but just at the right angle to whip around and never become part of the sun again. It happens with gravity a lot, the sling shot effect it can create..... you really dont see how that works?

  15. The radiation will have passed by now. It would have hit us 8 minutes and 19 seconds after the explosion. Most of it would have been deflected or scattered. I doubt it caused very much damage at all.
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    Not all radiation is ejected at light speed, nasa says it hits us peakin within the next 2 days lol I trust their judgement.
  17. Pretty bad ass...
  18. The sun and fukishima are Joining forces to plot against us...... :cool:
  19. what the fuck?!?!?!?!?!?!?! that was so big @$!@#
  20. whenw as there a black hole on earth? what? are you sure?

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