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  1. Well I got busted about a week ago by my parents and now the night I should of been with them they got busted with a LOAD of mj. I dont want to say the exact ammount because its in my area and no many of this weight ever happen. Ill say its 30-40 pounds that way you get an idea but its not exact.

    That night that they were busted I had been caught again by my parents so they decided to lecture me and after that I didnt feel like chillin at my friends.
    So I goto sleep and the next morning I wake up and get a call from my friend (Lets just call him R) hes the only one that got out of the house safely and he told me my friends had been arrested along with my friends brother and Rs brother which are both my friends too. My friend who owns the house (well call him E) has his mom living there and his little sister as well. I guess the guy they were transporting the bud to set them up to get a lighter sentence.. but trust me he will pay when they all get out. Im not sure when they will get out but Es whole house was raided and everyone was removed except for R who got away.

    I feel bad though that I didnt get busted with them in a way.. I mean I know that sounds dumb but if they ever got in trouble I would always be there just the same as they would be for me. Along side of that I cant get herb anymore because of this big bust. I hope it calms down.. I know they have pics of me though if they were watching the house for months 24/7 like they had said.

  2. Thats messed up man, sorry to hear that. So the person they were getting the lb's from set them up? I dont quite understand how they got caught. Werre they being investigated?
  3. omg dude, talk about missing a close call. sucks about your friends, just be grrateful your parents pissed you off enough to stay home that night.
  4. wow, your friends were really movin a lot of bud... and to be watched 24/7 by cops.. hah damn. who set them up? was it a cop, or just some dude?
  5. haha don't feel bad you weren't there. the legal system is not something you want to be in. once you're in, you ain't gettin out...
  6. Yeah I know but this is still bullshit.
    The only reason they went was to help transport it and make some quick cash. They were told it was safe enough to not get caught... and they were stoned as fuck.

    I was told that they were watching the house but we didnt give a fuck cops always do that and we kept shit under wraps big time usually but me and my friend E havent cared lately and just been smoking right out in front of his house and walking through the whole ghetto hood but.. we didnt think anything of it.

    The guy that made it out is the person they were looking for really.
    R has a warrent for his arrest but they just cant catch him.. :p

    I heard they might not get out for a long ass time.
    Edit: Oh and by the way my two best friends are both 17 so they were minors.
  7. That sucks hardcore. They'll probably be tried as adults. Unfortunatly, in our system, you can be tried as an adult even at a young age, but you can't get cigs or go to titty bars if you're a day under 18.
  8. Its true, and sad at the same time.

    Your 17 yr old friend are moving pounds, thats cool but getting caughts not. Something is going on, There was 60 busts of guys moving pounds at a time on 420 and 421 around me.

    Your very lucky you weren't there, normally for something like that they'll charge everyone in the house with crimes, they maybe leinent on the mom and sis but other wise youd be going to jail for years with them. And for that much weight there going to be there for years. I feel bad for them, I don't think they didn't anything morally wrong, only the guy who set them up.
  9. That is fucked up. They are gonna be in prison for years just for having a few pounds of a dried out plant....IN JAIL CUZ OF A FUCKING PLANT WOW, it just boggles my mind..I dunno:mad:
  10. Damn man, lets hope that guy who set them up gets shanked in prison.
  11. because if u and your cake ass freinds lived in my hood i'd have an extra 30 40 lbs cause yall would have been broken off u sound lame and your freinds do too so im sure someone was plot'n on u anyways pussys like u dont need thirty or forty lbs cause youll get broke off and your freinds are locked up getting punk'd and u know it cause your whole crew is some soft ass pussys quit fucking crying cause u didnt go to jail
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  12. Enjoy your short stay at GC.
  13. shut the fuck up...

    Ignore people and leave the "shut the fuck up's" to us. *RMJL
  14. Now, don't get me wrong. I love pot. I think having it illegal is very stupid, and the fucking government is just too retarded to know otherwise.

    On the other hand, you have to be pretty dim to hangle marijuana by the kilo's. It's just too dangerous in a country where it's illegal. It's worth smoking, but is it worth going to jail for years becuase you choose to push it too? I definitely don't think so.

    So, in general, it sucks hard, but if you/they were smart enough you/they wouldn't deal with amounts that could land you in jail for a decent chunk of your life. Sorry :(
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  16. what a pussy he just wants to look badass i bet he wouldnt even ride in the car of someone transporting a pound.

    oh and my friends mom was the one that was going to pay them to do it.

    There's no need to jump on the name-calling wagon. *RMJL
  17. you talkin to me? i didnt mean to insult your situation at all. That sucks tohear about your friends dude at least you made it out fine

  18. theres no worse way to start off in the business world than with a couple of felonys on your record. don't feel sorry, feel lucky.
  19. ingles por favor..
  20. dude that sucks big time. i hope you guys fuck the kid up who set you up!!!

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