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Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. I am just now noticing that other people that have been at the city for the same amount of time or even 1/4 the time that i have been here have post numbers in the hundreds and even thousands. I must be like the laziest person here.
  2. Nah.I dont have many posts either.....
  3. i have only been here about 2 months, and i dont have many posts either....
  4. I don't have many post either. I guess I'm too stoned too much! LOL

  5. its quality darlins, not quantity. ;)


  6. I'm glad you noticed that I have both!

  7. What! what do you mean you dont have many posts? your comming up on 5000!:confused:
  8. yea..i post way too much

    budhead ur the greatest stoned poster

    I have so much fun postin here while high tho, so I dont care that I post tons ;P
  9. I should have way more than I do...I guess I'm lazy too!
  10. I notice this too. When I look at the city after not having time to go on for just a week I'll see people who joined that month and have a shitload more posts than me! Ah well- like higha said- quality not quantity... unfortunately for me you have to have at least ONE...
  11. Critter, #15-RMJL #103-Highya-#117-Me#79

    I had some other old timer member numbers in my head, but.....well....ya know.....I'm like......high. And can't retain that well anyway.

    I like Budheads # the best. 714. Disco flashback, eh?

    Well, I dunno about the disco part, but I do recall waking up in some strange places after taking the disco biscuits.

    *stoned again, wandering away from the point*

    I've been here nigh on to 2 years or so, can't remember that either, but I just now got past a 1000. It's what Highya said back up there's a lil' ways.^^^^
  12. Smokie, How did you get those numbers?

    714 Is my memeber number?

    I thought i was here when there wasn't that many members had registered..

    RMJL you would have had more post, but I deldeted alot of your post.. J/K

    Too much time on our hands!
  13. This is one thing I have retained from the ol' days!

    Go to one of your posts, down at the bottom, look for the profile button. Put the mouse over it and you'll see it in your status bar at the bottom of your browser.

    Even a cyber retard like me can figger that out!:)
  14. I'm pretty sure thats it anyway, but it's making me wonder, how did I get here ahead of our beloved RMJL? I coulda swore she was here when I got here. I must go light a bowl, and see if the lightning is gonna make me power down, and ponder just when in the hell I did get here. Gonna have to dig into the memory banks. I know there'll be cobwebs, I hope the spiders are gone though.
  15. Yea I see what you mean. I just thought i was here before 714. I guess that I wasn't. lol
  16. After a bowl, and a lightning check, it came to me.

    The answer is AEROBLURG!

    Remember him from Hooka? I remember he posted one night there that this site was up and running and he was a mod. I came over that night and registered and said hello. Like about 3 days later, somebody replied. Critter would wander by and make one his Critter posts. I did'nt come around the city much then. Hooka was really cooking back in those days, and I did'nt have time to hang out at 2 places at once when I was'nt anywhere at all.
    (I know my firesign!)

    Then the first big hacker attack came, and everbody had to go get a life for awhile, and when we got back together, we decided we needed to have a plan B if it ever happened again. Someone suggested here, and that, boys and girls, is how OFFF came to live in the BIG CITY!

    But of course, you were there, so why am I telling you this
  17. Ever notice how I keep bumping a thread all by myself, about every 5 minutes?

    Keep comin up with something I meant to say and I think if you use the edit button to many times the edit cops will get a read on you and know where you're at.

    I was gonna, in that last reply, up there,^^^^^ also say that I went back to Yahooka and see if I could find the thread where everybody wound up here. And I mean a LOT of us. It was freekin wild! Bunches of names that you did'nt really recognize from Yahooka, but you know so well here! Did that make any sense. Did to me!

    Lot's of blank spots in the archive at yahooka. Hey man, that's part of my life. I want it back.

  18. *sob*

  19. heh, I'm pretty sure I joined around the same time as Namron, I just tend to stick to one post per thread unless it really interests me, which is strange because I tend to talk a lot when i'm stoned

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