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Huge ammmount of seeds wtf

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sign, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Everytime I rip some bud from the big chunk I find like 2-3 seeds. And thats only on 0,1-0,3g. Every 0,2g have like 1 seed lol wtf???
    btw the weed is decent I believe
  2. That sucks but think of it this way...people pay $5+ per seed when they buy them. Hold onto them in a dry, dark, cool location for when you're ready to grow.
  3. It was probably either a hermie plant or they didnt remove a male plant from the grow. Having seeds won't make weed bad. The grower just made a mistake or was trying to make their own seeds so they don't have to buy anymore
  4. either a hermie or commercial mid grade outdoors (rarely see this anymore, there's so much commercial high grade around).

    hope u didnt pay a lot for that weed.
  5. Buy better weed.

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  6. I'll take those seeds off of you.

    Has anyone ever roasted them like pumpkin seeds for a snack?
  7. Even super potent great weed can have seeds.
  8. I have had low grade with no seeds but also found seeds in some pretty decent quality stuff so just judge the quality of the high
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    There is no seedless strain of cannabis. It could even just be a female that was in flower a little longer and popped seeds all on her lonesome in an effort of survival
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