Huey Mack Diss

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  1. I go to WVU and there is this other kid who is blowing up using the lame college rapper gimmick. I thought he was wack so I called him out

    [ame=]YouTube - Huey Wack (Huey Mack Diss)[/ame]
  2. Killed that shit! Haha I'd rep you if I knew how to on my phone.
  3. lmao... i go to wvu and yes me and my friends have heard this.. you destroy him.
  4. deleted by user??
  5. Heard this a while ago, good shit man the song is funny as hell, beats mad catchy too. Your version of dead presidents is honestly one of my favorites out there bro, keep spittin you'll get picked up by a label someday
  6. is huey mack joey michael? i saw him in the I'm Shmacked video for WVU

    btw how is WVU

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