Huckabee bows out

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Green Wizard, May 15, 2011.

  1. yayyyyyy! not that i though he would win.

    but yeah, im really rooting for ron paul too but im trying not to get my hopes up. what's great though is that all the other candidates seem to have some sort of baggage
  2. Who the fuck would vote for Hucakbee anyway? Ron Paul 2012!
  3. birth certificate release destroyed huckabee's career :(

  4. good riddance to bad rubbish. the guy was a fuck all retard regardless of his birther stance
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    speaking of retards... there's still Romney, Gingrich and Palin..

    (sorry if i offended any retarded people by comparing y'all with those 3)

  6. You forgot the golden boy. T man. Trump.

    None of these cats is viable. Gingirch is soooo 1994. Palin? Please. Romney, the original architect of obamacare? (Doing my best Ricky Ricardo) He's gonna have a lot of esplaining to do.

    All those retards are out. I can't believe it. That crazy bastard Paul might have a shot. But then there's plenty, or as they say in the south, Pawlenty. This cat stands a chance at floating to the top of the Republican santorium. Yuck!
  7. i don't think trump will run.. he blew his wad with the stupid birter thing, got some ratings for the show.. and he's done.

    even if he runs, his ego is so huge that he'll bow out after losing his first primary...

    Paul is by far the best of the GOP (imo).. but i just don't see the GOP allowing him the nomination..
    i think when it's all said and done it'll be between gingrich and romney.. which will be pretty pathetic to say the least... it'll just guarantee 4 more years of neo con policy in the white house.
  8. Yea, Trump isn't going to run. He'll have to divulge all his secrets, and such a maverick businessman would never do that. He doesn't want people to know he can't even manage a fortune that was laid in his lap, let alone run a country.

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