hubby bars!

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  1. ok what are some of you guys hubby bar experiences? hubbys have recently become really popular in my area, and i had my first experience today. i had 1 piece (out of 6 of the hubby bar) before school, at like 7:35. by 8:15, i was in another world. i literally was shaking in 1st period, and it was crazy. then in 2nd period people were talking to me and i couldnt talk so i used hand gestures. then i was still faded for like 3 more hours, and currently i am in 5th period and am still faded. so anyways, what do you guys think about hubby bars?
  2. the fuck is a hubby bar?
  3. yeah seriously wtf is hubby bars
  4. seriously i'm all up on edibles but i've never heard of a hubby bar
  5. Can you atleast explain what in the flying fuck a hubby bar is?

    *edit* oh

  6. What in the world is that? :smoking:

    Edit- Mmmmmmm looks good
  7. Well, I'd say it's safe to say that the OP schooled us on this one.

    Learn something new every day around here...:cool:
  8. I've eaten 4 different flavors of hubby bars in 4 different batches, 0 result... Not worth the $7 IMO.
  9. there these extremely strong chocolate hash oil candy cars. they come in 6 pieces, and 1 will fuck you up. there from the club and cost like 8 bucks at the club, 12 or so on the street. ive had parts of brownies before, and gotten pretty faded off them, but 1/6 of the hubby bar got me as high as like 3 or 4 bowls of dank.
  10. ya ive heard of this before. a few people i know have like no or minimal reaction to hubby bars, where as most people i know get completely 100% stoned off a little bit. make sure to eat it on an empty stomach.
  11. if you live in cali they will start poppin up where you live soon. im in socal and people only started doing them like a couple months ago and now they are like bigger than bud haha
  12. knowing me, id get an empty stomach and eat it all:smoking: though I havnt had good experiences with edibles..:(
  13. Wife and I stopped trying edibles until someone recommended these and we're hooked!! We usually eat 1 1/2 pieces (out of six that are scored for easy breaking) and they really kick in! You'll really sleep well if you eat a piece in the evening and you'll still feel it when you awaken. These are in a league of their own as far as edibles go. We like the toffee for the taste but they all seem to work equally well. Beware though... you may get very tired so make sure you don't need to drive, especially the first time you try one. These are the only edibles we have found that are worth trying. Highly recommended!
  14. mmmm just ate my last half of my hubby bar...picked it up yesterday at the clinic for 10$
  15. Ahhhh! I just tried hubby bars on saturday, I got higher from 2 pieces then from a bunch of BT's. It was amazing, felt like I was flying the whole time, I recommend everybody to try hubby bars!
  16. I took 9 and a half pieces going to lax to India. That and many many hash oil rips and bong loads..I was flying higher than the plane .fo.sho.

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