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  1. Whats up my fellow tokers

    Heres what i got two healthy plants about 35 days into veg and i have a problem i need to flower due to some time restraints do you guys think i would even get anything off of them?
    The link is to pics and where I am so far.
  2. Not sure how tall it is but it looks pretty short.You should wait till its atleast 12in to flower it.If you have to do it now I guess its fine, And its hard to tell what youll yeild. We dont know what light you have,temps,nutes,ect..
  3. 35 days is a while in veg.

    you should definitely get something off of them.
  4. I know that was a shitty un-informative post i wont do it again. I have 208 watts of flouros 6500k switching to 6500kand 3500k making my wattage at 278 should be descent I hope. I use a 5-1-1 fish emulsion to fert. Gotta find something readily available domestically to bloom with. The bagseed is like 12.5" now and the bag seed is at like 11" does that supply enough info? I hope so. Anyone got a guess in grams?
  5. ohh yeah temps are running between 60-62 F with the lights off and 72-84 F with lights on.

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