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  1. Wondering if anyone ever bought from htg supply is it reliable? Where the best place to buy a light?
  2. They are good but I shop around a lot and mostly find that Amazon has the best deal.
  3. Yes they are pretty reliable. I've bought from them several times no problems, and many on here report using them as well. Occasionally they screw something up -- I get the distinct impression they are all stoners -- but they are quick to make things right. If you are buying a lot you can talk to them on the phone and they often will work with you on price, throw something in free or give you a bundle for a flat amount.
  4. They are reliable. No screw ups so far and Ive been using them for a while, but their shipping is bunk. Expensive. I understand if its heavy or large, but Ive tried to order small items from them, and when the shipping is more expensive than the product, well, they are not getting my business... Except for that, they are a great company.
  5. They are good but don't get their in house carbon filters they suck..we have a local store it's nice
  6. I got a light from there I'm stoked
  7. Ive got the little 4 inch carbon filter and it works really well, what did you find wrong with yours?
  8. Mine just started smelling sweet and skunky too soon..I think it wasn't packed well it shakes a phresh that worked a lot better
  9. They back there stuff,and they got some nice T5's I picked up for da clones/veg.The Tek 4.

    I also saw an LED comparison with HTG's some Ebay UFO's,and some name brand they were up against.The HTG LED owned the ebay UFO crap,but the penetrator won them all.
  10. Good things im hearing about htg glad I went through them
  11. Ordered and sent pymnt on Wednesday at noon .
    Was told I would get email confirmtn when they received pymnt. Its Saturday. They are closed and no email yet. Its only 2 states away. Anyone think I should b concerned?
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    They're not shipping you anything that's illegal, you'll be fine. All the stuff they sell can be used for all kinds of plants. People grow all sorts of plants indoors, its not a big deal. I've seen little old ladies at the grow shop I frequent. There's an old guy I used to work with that had a hydro system for tomatoes that would rival a lot of the nice hydro set ups on here. They shop at the same places we do. It is not illegal for htg to send you any of their products.
  13. They are ok. I frequent one of their shops alot. Get my soil there, my tents, lights, nutrients. The employees are custy city with no knowledge and they have some really cheap shit that sucks. But they have the good quality equipment also just prices are high. Good cause it close for me I guess. I bought their htg 250 watt hps when I first started. It was miss firing so I returned it and got digital greenhouse 400. Another cheapo make I believe but works much better and is digy

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  14. I'm hoping for the best. Guy who took order was cool.
    Not sure y I haven't received any email yet.
    Got a feeling something is fucked.
  15. You dug up 2 old post in different threads...have a little patience

    I just called them they seem to be open for business 1 866-710-4769
  16. My friend spoke to them. They have yet to receive pymnt. If it don't arrive today or have been there already, somethings fucked. I'm waiting and hoping. Pymnt.should have been the tho.
  17. Yeaahh. Gotta love it.
    Been a week since order.
    They still haven't received pymnt sent a week ago
    Woman at post office said mailtime between locations is 3 days.
    Fuck my life. Nothing ever fucking works for me.
    Fuck fuck fuck. 370$ now lost. Have to wait 60 fucking days to try to get $$$$ back
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    Chill the fuck out, man. Should've sent registered mail with that much.

    Honestly, your fault.

    And you do realize that they don't work on weekends right? So it's five days tops. You're gonna start freaking out because it's two days late?
  19. Chill man. They are a professional co.

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  20. Wow the Guy from Canada must be a real miserable prick. Look at the difference between two replies. Don't really know why people feel compelled to reply with rude smartass comments.
    Never mind my post explained that its a problem with mail service. Mind your business if you are an asshole. Thanks

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