HTG Supply : Taylor, Michigan

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  1. I went here today to buy a light and fan. I happened to be running late and didnt think I was going to make it in time. Not only did they say they were going to stay late for me, they gave me and a friend free shirts stickers drinks and lighters. Not only can I say this is outstanding customer service, but they made me feel like I was a good friend. If you choose a hydro shop choose them.:hello::hello:
  2. I agree. Great customer service.

    Love the lighters.

  3. Im here in the detroit metro area and was wondering where are they located?
  4. I have one up in charlotte, I'm going to be checking them out after this harvest is over for sure!

  5. Right on Telegraph, like a mile off of 94 next to a walmart.
  6. its pretty cool because the HTG supply Hydro shops are the only "local" type shop that you don't feel ripped off and lied to...Most "local" hydro shops are marked up like crazy and they lie about what nutrients you need but this place is spot on and after every sale they tell you...Ok guys be safe out there:D

    although they don't carry all the top brands they do have most of the new stuff and almost any nutrient line you could want as a hobbygrower:hello:
  7. I couldn't agree more. They were very patient with me and every question I threw their way they answered !! I wonder if they price match......
  8. I have shopped with them online several times thru E-Bay. I always got a good deal. The free bottle-opening lighter was a nice touch!:D
  9. im way down here in georgia, but I ordered my 400mh/hps light setup from HTG, an wow fast shipping and great service. I deff reccomend!
  10. Hydro Harry's in Warren,MI is sketchy if they are still even around.I hear you buy something there and they follow you home and then rob your home when your not home.Thats just what a major grower told me.
  11. There on ebay amazing prices and they give you free gifts in the mail awesome!
  12. I've purchased for them on ebay several times. They are always REALLY fast to ship and there's usually a bonus lighter or something in the box. Good dudes!
  13. I have heard similar things about Hydro Harry's. They are kind of in the "ghetto" part of town, and the people there are really sketchy. I went in there and received weird looks, and the vibe was just all off. Being that, I poked around for a few minutes and walked right out.

    i've never heard the "robb" you when you aren't home, but to be honest, I wouldn't put it past them after taking a look at those guys and the vibe they give off.

    If you are a legal grower in Michigan, I heard if you present your card to the guys at HTG they will give you 10% off. I have yet to go there, but will be very soon.

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