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  1. Hey, I'm looking to invest into better equipment for a new grow, I'm getting frustrated with my progress and figured I might as well go ahead and go all out. My budget will be about 350$ and I've been researching extensively to find the best deal to grow some awesome bud.

    I found this grow kit on the HTG Supply website. It comes with 400W HPS and MH conversion bulb, reflector, FFOF soil, Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice organic ferts, grow "bags" as they call them and a few other goodies. I figure it's pretty much the best one shot deal I could find for my budget, for 275$. The only thing that's left is genetics/seeds and some fans, which I already have.
    edit: LOL I forgot the link. A little too high :D

    so what do you think GrassCity, is this a good deal for my budget or what? I'm thinking it's a good way to go for my first grow, and it won't be long before I see that money back I think, with the potential to grow 9 full size ladies. Any help or comments or suggestions is welcomed, I've learned a lot from the city already, just trying to get started in the wonderful world of marijuana growing :D
  2. don't think that you could grow 9 full sized ladies under that 400W light, I normally do 6 under 1000W for full sized gals. It seems like a good deal though

  3. thanks for the reply. realistically I will probably only do 4 plants my first grow, but do you think I could do a SoG with 9 plants? I'll probably just grow 4 and use the other pots for clones or something if I need. Also one thing I haven't really taken into consideration is heat. I'll be growing in a closet that's about 5x5x10 and I don't have many solutions for exhaust/cooling seeing as I can't cut holes or anything like that. Do you think my temps will get too hot with the 400w? I was thinking since the ballast causes a lot of the heat I can place it outside the closet since the cords are quite long.
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    I have no clue about SOG but I would think you could do that.

    Heat, true the ballast produces heat but those lights heat up too, venting them is very important, my grow area is a bit bigger than that and even with fans in the room if I shut off the ventilation it has hit the 95 F mark before I flipped everything back on.

    My advise to you is find a way to vent the light also. Just as a thought you could measure your door and go get a cheap door and cut the holes you will need in that. I don't know if you rent or what but you 100% need ventilation.

    not only do you need it to control temp but your plants will like it too!:)

  5. When I mentioned SOG I was just thinking I could have 9 smaller plants grouped together to get a smaller harvest from each plant, but since there's more plants it's still a decent harvest.

    I'll think more about the door suggestion, it could very well work. I do rent, but the landlord doesn't give a shit and I could easily take down the current door and replace it with a ventilated door. Thanks, I appreciate it!
  6. no problem start a journal and post some pics when you get everything setup. :smoke:
  7. mosdef. It will probably be about a month or more before I'm able to get everything assembled for this legit grow, but in the meantime I've been fucking around with cfls and bagseed. They're doing terribly, but I've already learned a lot about growing and such.
  8. can't wait to see it, and don't even stress my first couple grows were strait garbage, don't get me wrong I was stoked at the time but when I got it all nailed down I realized.

  9. yeah, I figure I'm just wasting time trying to do a shitty grow with cfls, might as well go all out with the HID lights and such. I just can't wait til I'm able to smoke my own bud and don't have to spend ungodly amounts on it :smoke:
  10. ideally I would like to find someone who ordered the same kit to give me some reassurance that I won't be investing in shitty equipment. or if you have some of the same shit from the grow kit then let me know how it's worked for you. I know the FFOF is good to go, heard great things about it all over the place, but what about the Iguana Juice nutes?
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    I do have a 400W mh/hps lamp and it kept my old mother going strong. It is not used right now but will be soon, Iguana Juice never used it. but seriously the kit looks legit. wish I never spent money on all old crap I had bought in the past and got that.
  12. the price of the kit, and what you get seems o.k. do some searches on e-bay, you may be able to find the same kit for cheaper, or you may be able to piece it together cheaper. that hood isn't vented, so there is a big problem. you will need to vent the heat from the bulb out of the closet somehow. that's difficult to do if the hood has no vent holes. also, you may want to consider doing a scrog instead of a sog...
  13. I don't think I'll be able to piece it together for much cheaper than the kit offers, not to mention the fact that I can just order the kit and everything comes at once. I'll check ebay. I heard that the light bulbs themselves don't get super hot. Is it absolutely necessary to get a vented hood for my projected setup? I've looked into scrog and honestly it doesn't seem my style, I'm probably just going with a few plants, 3-5 maybe and topping/fimming them. Thanks for the feedback :smoke:
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    If it were me, id be a bit nervous on whether your closet will be able to move enough air to deal with the light. The smaller the space, the more heat that will build up (with out proper ventilation ). I bought a 600watt light with both HPS and MH bulbs included, ballast, and air cooled hood for like 220 on amazon. Amazon is much safer route to go imo..... love them. Bought a good amount of gear from them. You could add some cheaper nutes and buy plain potting soil and some smart pots, add a inline fan for another 80, and be out the door at like 330-340 with out the worry about the heat...But a extra hundred or two hundred dollars doesnt mean much to me when it comes to growing something where each plant is worth anywhere from 500-1000 dollars ya dig. I dropped 6k on my setup to start off....but i do understand some people are on a fixed budget.
  15. remember?

    but I think it can be done. read a post where someone was pushing the heat out with a 700CFM fan. I will try to find it for you. vented hood would be ideal though.

  16. also you can leave your ballast outside of the grow area and run the cord in.... saves energy cost on cooling the room.

  17. I've look around amazon as well, but I still have a while to research. I'm not concerned with what's a safe route as far as ordering my stuff really, just not a paranoid person at all. I'll look into more ways I can introduce proper ventilation in my system, I may end up going with a tent or cab setup for easier ventilation. I definitely won't have near that amount to invest in lights and such, I wish I did. Maybe after a few harvests I'll be able to afford a huge fancy setup :smoke:

  18. I already planned on doing this, I think I mentioned it earlier. But I gather from what everyone else is saying, that won't cut down the heat enough to where I can just stick my light in the closet without worries.
  19. Well i mean on ebay you are buying from a person more often then not. ON amazon , almost all have been verified and you deal with amazon more then some random seller. Great shipping rates, easier to track, and amazon works with the company you are buying from. Tent wont do you any good imo, just shrink your space and actually increase your temps. If you are set on the non air cooled hood from the 80`s ( i kid) then maybe vent your house`s air condition into the closet. Heat is a problem for just about everyone that grows, and the only people i know who dont use air cooled hoods have like 6 -10 verticle lights hanging up in a warehouse because the heat isnt an issue in such a large space.
  20. yeah its just one extra step against the heat.

    also, sea of green like you mentioned would be a great idea....are you going to clone and keep cuttings or pop seeds?

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