htg supply 150w hps

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cannabiscurtis, May 11, 2010.

  1. just got one and was wondering if anyone knows how long i can rely on this thing working
  2. I have a htgs t5.And i'll say this u get what u pay for.
  3. just harvested one plant under one going on my next grow
  4. go get spare bulbs.
  5. I got the Floralux 150w hps mini grow light from HTG been running for close to 2months so far no probs!

    High Tech Garden Supply

  6. Amazing, Im talking about buying this light in my own thread and voila! I stumble across this thread, I must have some good karma arriving:D. Any pics of your grow? How are the temps, have they been a problem and how do you cool your space? I have a small tent and I am concerned about heat a little.

  7. i have a small 2.5x2.5 x4ft grow tent for autos, ill put it this way as far as heat...i cant close both doors on tent with out going over 85-89+ degrees and thats with fans and vents open on tent.I keep my house around 74-75, BUT i open one door on tent or crack it, it chills at 79-80 during day & around 74-79 at night. What i normally do is keep one door open while lights are on then bf i go to bed and just bf lights go out ill close up the one door till the lights come back on again and leave vents open. So far so good!! i dont have pics yet but they are doing great under this light but do gotta watch heat if in tight spaces. Also since the ballast is connected to fixture it is kinda heavy so make sure you got enough support to hold it up.
  8. Thanks for the info. I may have to hold off for a week or 2 until I can purchase a better fan. My exhaust set up could be better, works now but an HPS would cause problems I think. What kind of exhaust set up do you have going?

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