HTG Mother Keeper/ 600 watts too much?

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  1. Greetings fellow enthusiasts, this shall be my first grow room set up and I'd love some feed back from the community.

    Space is going to be a bit of a problem so I'd like to go for a smaller size tent for this grow. I was thinking this one,

    Grow Tent | Mother Keeper | Silver Lined Grow Tent

    As for lighting I am thinking about going for a 600 watt digital dimmable ballast, for noise/ease. I like this idea because I'm able to use MH for veg and the HPS for flower without having to change too much inside the tent. Are these kinds of ballasts worth the lumen loss?

    HTG Supply - Digital Greenhouse Ultimate 600 watt HPS & MH Grow Light

    Also a cheap fan from the same guys,

    HTG Supply - 6" Inline Duct Fan

    I'm also looking at a small air conditioner for around 100 bucks, that ive seen online and at bestbuy.

    Plan is to grow at least 4 plants in the the tent at a time, any Ideas or thoughts?
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    womp womp.:eek:
    I was thinking the same thing as you 2 weeks ago.

    I guess you NEVER tried to use the search function here did ya?:wave:
    What I learned in the end is a 48" high tent isn't enough space to to a HPS lighting rig inside.
    Follow the reasoning.
    1. Your light needs to be 12-18" inches above your plant tops.
    2.If your plant pot is 10 inches tall(3 gal pot), plus a minimum of 12-18" of your plant growth area, and that's using scrog, or sog and keeping your heights short. That means from floor to minimum top of your plant will be 2' tall.
    3. If you're keeping up with the math going on, bottom 2 feet of the tent is for your plant, top 6-10 inches is going to be your light fixture and a few inches above, so if your light is in a light tube the bottom of your light is36-38 inches from the bottom of the tent (1 foot from the top).
    4.This all means you you only have 12 inches of space between your light and plant tops, even if you kept your scrog netting lower than 12 inches from the soil, you run the chances of cooking your plant tops towards the end of any grow.

    Aside from all that, your reflector's coverage area is limited when you don't have the height I've learned by searching and reading the guides here.
    If your light was in a 2x2 reflector and 4 feet high it would cover a 4x4 foot area. Use that as a reference, because an almost 5 foot wide tent means the sides of your tent aren't getting the same intense light that the middle of the tent is getting.
    Running 2-hps lights @ 250w, compared to 1-600w will cost you more money in electricity so that's not a viable option.

    At the end of the day the MKT just doesn't have the height to make it worth your while with hps lighting, the only choice, a great choice is the T5 lights. ~360watts over 4 bulbs I think it is with their setup is the best choice.
    I know of a journal here using the tent and t5's, guy had some issues but pulled a respectable finish too.

    For me? I ended up going with a 48'x24'x60' tent. I also got a bunch of items from HTG as well. ex.600w dimable digi ballast with 6 inch cool tube.
    Eventhough I plan to scrog/sog/lst, the tent being 5 feet tall is going to be a big help, I was going to go for the 6 foot tall one which ended up being my first choice, but got a deal which saved me almost $50 between the two.
    I'm thinking of running 3 plants in mine, then cutting a few clones and the flower half the tent in sog, and the other half as a scrog.
    Good luck with your choices, and trust me, if anything draw yourself a diagram if my math confused youy ,ou will have zero flexibility with the mkt and hps lighting.

    This is the journal that firstmade me think of running a mkt, also it made me a believer in the t5's.
  3. +_+ Guess I didn't use the search function very well :hello:

    I was worried about the height issue and your right I didn't really put it all down on paper, it just sounded good in my head when I was looking at the stuff. :)

    I don't really want to use T5's so I'm thinking of going with the HTG 20x36X64 tent and sticking with the 600.
  4. How do 2 250 Watt lamps use more electricity than 1 600 Watt?
  5. I asked a long time vet here in a pm 2 weeks ago, and he said at the end of the month the 2 seperate 250's would cost per per month than the single 600. Not the best way to assume something is 100% definate, but the vet is one with tons of knowledge.
  6. Im a electrician.. And I'm pretty sure you're wrong about that... But I'll look into it and get back.. If you're experiencing watt loses in the 250W, you also get loses in the 600W. Because there are 2 x 250W you might lose a little more... But it wouldn't be enough to worry about...
  7. tent like that is PERFECT for a T5 HO light system and they work great!!!
  8. over priced on the tent tho IMO

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