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  1. My grow cab is 2' wide 2' deep and 4.5' tall I just got some cfls but they are kinda a pain. the cab is in my upstairs attic/bedroom and it gets kinda of warm up there on the hot days. I am going to grow 2 plants due to size of cab but I was wondering if the 150w hps from htgsupply would be too hot for the cab. I have a pc fan blowing out at the top its about 3 inch diameter and passive 2" intake on the bottom. THe hps would grow them better and be easier to manage but it is pretty small cab and room gets warm unless i leave my ac on constantly so I dunno what to do. ANy thoughts?

    Link with PICS:
  2. I suggest the 250w for that size box. But if your grow op is in an area where temps are already warm then you probably will have temp issues no matter what light you use. Remember that fans don't lower temperatures, they only move air. They can be used to lower temperatures by moving hot air out/away and cool air in, but if you have no supply of cool air then you are just blowing hot air around.
  3. Yea thats the problem, I test ran the box for an hour with 6 23 watt cfls and after an hour the temps were right around 90. I dont really know what to do now cuz thats tooooo hot! I would hate to not be able to grow cuz my room is too hot but i don't really got any options summer is only going to get hotter
  4. Any chance of dropping a window AC unit into the room your grow is in to cool ambient temperatures? It sounds like the room you're growing in is one of those infamous 'super-hot-in-the-summer and super-cold-in-the-winter' rooms.

    If you're going through with the grow and you've exhausted all options to lower temperatures, go with the CFL's. They produce less heat per watt, but as toasty said, you're going to have issues no matter what.
  5. Yea the room sucks it doesn't really have any insulation it was an attic but converted to bedroom. I did just put in a window ac but I would have to leave it on really high 24/7 to keep it cool in there and that thing really uses the juice so it could get kinda spendy on top of having to run lights 24/7. It only got to like 70 degrees today but the room was like 95 so i can't imagine whats going to happen in july. I wish it was possible to grow in my basement its a cool 60 all year long! I got my seeds in a paper towel and tonight is the second day, i haven't checked them yet but I would bet they cracked so i need to decide pretty soon. I just don't wanna put work in farther for a few weeks to have a bad day and have them all die. decisions decisions........
  6. i was thinking the same thing man, what about taking a peice of plexy glass and making it so your cfls stay at the top under the plexy to keep the heat up high and have a 40+cfm fan sucking it out, or what im going to do is get a 250 cool tube, with two 4inch inline duct fans that run like 80cfm one sucking in room air and one sending hot air out the window, and two computer fans bringing in room air to cool the inside of the cab, I guess if you can put your hand on a cooltube it cant throw out that much heat. i Run 220watts of cfl two 42watter and the rest 24 or something for budding and 8 lights puts out heat, im in the 85 degress and its been cool so i leave one door open

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