HST or "Tough Love Training Method"

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  1. Plants getting too tall? Well, sometimes, you just have to take the kid gloves off and lay down the law...

    I pick a spot for a bend/break and squeeze the stem until it cracks in a few places and then slowly bend it, listening to the fibers break... just don't break them all, and a day later it's good as new with no strings, wires, etc...


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  2. You mean the branch you broke in that last picture healed? Loki I've seen amazing things from you but I do not see that branch healing. If it did can you show me pics because my feeble super cropping experiments look just like that pic and end up dieing.
  3. The last pic is the break after a couple of days. You can see how the branch has bent back up to face the light. I'll take a few shots of it over the next few weeks so you can see how it heals.

  4. Thank you. Maybe I lack patience after I try and should let it go longer.
  5. If you squeeze the stem first to crack it around where you want to bend it, usually the bit on the inside of the bend won't break. A quick way to tell if you've gone too far is if the branch doesn't start bending up towards the light after 24 hours... If it does though, the branch will be fine. Only thing is, you can't break the same spot twice. If you don't bend it enough, it'll bend back up and the break will heal as a knot and then it's too thick to break right...

  6. It's heals up every time nice and strong I've never had one die our mj plants are the little plants that could :)
  7. It's called supercropping......
  8. A couple pics of the branch that was really trained... The plant didn't stop growing at all while it healed. The nearly broken branch is budding just as fast as the others...


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  9. unbelievable green thumb hah
  10. Can you do this during week 3 or 4 of flowering or just during veg and pre flower?
  11. Well... I really only do it up until about 4 weeks into 12/12... After that they usually don't need it. If your temps are decent (say 80-85), you could probably do it at any time.

  12. I was just thinking about this science journal I read the other day. It talked about how a plant will produce more cannabinoids when it is stressed in the later stage of flowering.

    So I was thinking of next time try LST, HST, and no training on a few clones and try to observe a difference.

  13. I saw a video, where a guy gets a fishing knife and drives it thru the main stem an inch or 2 from the bottom of the plant. leave it in there for a min or 2. shave down a paddlepop stick to fit in the cut you made. pull knife out, and gently push the stick in and leave it there.

    I dunno whether i could do that to a plant tho. I'de feel bad for stabbing her!
    But then again, Why not experiment on 1 out of 6. :D
  14. we also call this supercropping. nice thread Loki
    + rep.

    NVM I gotta spread the "manure" around more before I can.. so + 1 "pseudo" rep .
  15. it is the first time i have done it this late into 12/12 day18 , some have just turned straight back up with a large knot so i did them again with the little plastic U shaped things.
    one thing i found was that when you squash them' you must do it on the side you want it to go over or they split and twist and take much longer to start heading for the light, one is proped up with a stick but hey you live and learn.


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