HSO Green Crack & G13 Blueberry Gum #2 Grow Report

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    It’s been a while since I’ve made a post and I’ve run both an outdoor (from seed) and indoor (clone) season since then.

    The strains in question are Humboldt Seed Organisation Green Crack and G13 Labs Blueberry Gum #2.

    Much of this report will be knowledge you can pick up from other sources anyway but here’s my 10 cents towards open-sourced information.

    So I started both the GC & BG#2 seeds outside in a greenhouse in 2 litre pots, in which they lived their first 6 weeks of life.
    During this 6 week period I found the BG#2 to be a dream to grow; it has prolific branching with what seems like endless nodes with very minimal spacing between those nodes, it also responded very well to 3/4 dose feedings of liquid blood & bone.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same about the GC, as a Sativa dom hybrid you know what you’re getting into but I wasn’t expecting such a lack of branching and foliar growth in general. She was finicky with even light doses of nutrients and definitely didn’t like the cold nights at the start of spring (dropping from 18C during day to 8-10C at night). With the cold temps and nute issues I had some reasonably slow growth during this first 6 weeks with the BG being both taller and wider.
    About a week before transplant I took my first batch of clones off both plants, the BG #2 has a success rate of about 80-90% consistently with ideal conditions but this was yet again an area that the GC really let me down as she only has a success rate of about 10-20%.
    However, after the transplant the GC improved drastically, once in a 18L pot the GC shot upwards like crazy, I definitely had a Sativa pheno. Yet still she lacked in branches and the internode spacing was much to large for my liking (looked like hemp before flowering). Even after transplant I continued to have nutrient issues despite being grown organically (including P deficiency in the last 2 weeks of grow).
    None of these issues were present with the BG#2, she had beautiful healthy growth with branching and short internode spacing but still grew to a decent height (never any more than 10” behind the GC). Both plants were topped once at week 6 of vege which was about knee to waist height.
    As the plants went into flower both plants stretched as expected; the BG#2 stretched to almost double the height and the GC almost tripled in height. During the stretch the GC decided to shoot out some branches which I was very pleased with as it had been a single lanky stem it’s whole life until now, those branches (4 from each side of the top, 8 total) later turned into thick colas needing support to keep her up.
    At about week 5 of flower we ran into issues again, the BG unfortunately got some form of fusarium stem rot (soil based) disease, which made me cut down most of her about 3 weeks early. The GC also contracted powdery mildew (natural humidity doesn’t drop below 65% where I live) at about week 6-7 of flower so I just tried to keep on top of it until harvest.
    So after a rocky first outdoor grow I thought I had a good idea of what I could expect when growing the clones, I was wrong.

    Once indoors the GC was significantly easier to grow (obviously my climate isn’t suited) with some light LST; branching was no longer an issue. The BG#2 continued inside as it did outdoors, consistent node spacing and branching with great response to nutrients.
    After flipping the lights and chucking a net over the BG#2 to create a SCROG screen she exploded with bud sites and only stretched for not even a full 2 weeks, whereas the GC (no SCROG) stretched well into the 3rd week. I noticed during flower that GC responded well to 3/4 dosages of FloraNova Bloom by GH once a week. I also noticed that the root system produced by GC is insane, she gets root bound much faster than the BG#2 despite growth above ground not reflecting this.
    As I approach harvest of the indoor I’ve noticed I can clearly identify strain traits much better than when they were growing outdoors, the GC has a beautiful lime green colour with a slight chemical odour however resin production is poor on my particular pheno. The BG#2 is extremely resinous and definitely has that fruity sweet odour with some slight purple hues to the calyxes.

    I cbf writing more coz I feel like I’ve pulled away from what i was trying to achieve but if you’ve got any questions then go for it, il be uploading pics soon as we’re now only about 2 weeks away from harvest of the clones.

    GC can be a dick to grow but thrives in warmer conditions with light nutrients but don’t bother trying to clone.
    BG#2 is a beautiful example of an easy growing Indica dom hybrid; good yields, good smell and good bag appeal. It’s also hella easy to clone, would recommend running through a SOG system.

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  2. Nice write up man. I grew the BG#2 before and agree that it's really a easy one to grow

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