HR 4437 Immigration Reform Law (Protest now or never)

Discussion in 'General' started by Diego209, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. I am Mexican and the son of immigrants and this reform in immigration has caused quite a problem.

    Im angry at this law it will criminalize illegal aliens brought over as part of Nafta and Cafta programs.

    Department of Homeland Security has issued Operation Endgame, a militarized operation to remove all illegal immigrants by 2012.

    Halliburton the company who failed miserably in Iraq, has a contract with the United States government to make "Emergency Detention Prisons" for immigrants, rounding them up for deportation.

    If you think this is a probelm in your State , Its understandle. But sudden reform that criminalizes and will inflict social damages to a community of Latinos and other immigrants or people who help them will be subject to immediate imprisonment.

    I for one will not let this happen without a fight, if you would like to protest tommorow is the time. LA's largest protest estimated at over 500,000 will take place.

    If you don't sympathize and feel this is an inherit problem to all citizens of the US then explain why in a respectable manner.

    Unfortunately, people like me who have a distrust for the way this bill was brought about and I feel it has little to do with a security issue.

    No puedo decir mucho sobre esto, pero esta ley es muy cerca de como los Alemanes imprisonaron a los Judios y los deportaron o mataron.

    Si sigue esta ley lo que pasara es una ola de racismo y perjudicacciones contra la gente latino, eso es un HECHO!!!

    Yo y otra gente mas no vamos a dejer esto suceder, desafortunadamente se esta uniendo una organizacion militar de Latinos. Si es neccasario por actos terroristicos y derramamiento de sangre, estamos dispuestos. Estamos organizando un "Mexican Militia" y contamos con muchos ya, por Dios que no llegue a pasar esta ley, no queremos mas muerte.

    "La Raza Unida No Puede Ser Vencida"

    Esten vigilantes
  2. so this bill only affects the illegal immigrants right?

  3. Well, they're illegal. I live in south florida, I'm not racist by any means. But its ridiculous all the illegal immigrants we have here that work for absolutely nothing, putting other legal, knowledgable citizens at a state of unemployement. Its just shitty all around. Theres other immigrants over seas who have to go through all the hell to get to America, meanwhile people are jumping, rafting, running across the border. I'm sorry you're country sucks, thats life, go through the same way everyone else does to get into another country.

    With that said, I think we should take the Cuban wet/dry foot pardon away. Like I said earlier, I'm not racist, I really don't believe that I have time in life to be racist. But damn, I hate feeling like I'm in a foreign country and theres hardly any of my people. Rereading that sentance it almost sounds harsh, but imagine being the only one of the few black people in a city thats uh for example 10,000 whites and 1,000 blacks. It would suck imo, I'm a firm believer in diversity and I bet those few blacks, or whites, latinos, etc would feel almost under powered.

    Heres another prevalent arguement, illegal immigrants are hard to keep track of. Crime is rising and statistics show that a portion of illegal immigrants are causing this rise. I know you're saying to yourself,"Oh jeez buddy, way to stereotype..... .dipshit" but there is some truth to every stereotype.

    I normally don't like to post on these kind of things, but I'm just rambling on tonight. I'm sure this will cause some flare=X... I do hope the protest is safe though, wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, but it wouldn't surprise me if I turn on the news and see a smokescreen of teargas.
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  4. I think they should just close off all immigration. We've got enough immigrants. We can imbreed from here on out to keep our population up. :D
  5. dude, trying to reform the government is next to impossible....just look at the legalization of marijuana efforts. Worst law ever, but they are in no hurry to change it. Fucking rich politicians....if we organized ourselves and paid "endorsements" maybe it would lead to something. Other than that, nothing's gonna happen. The government just doesn't give a fuck about some stuff. They're right in their eyes. You can't change their views once they make them.
  6. Why would I want to support illegal immigrants being able to live in america?
  7. Lex, I'd sorta have to disagree. Yea, the marijuana decrimilization laws seem so far-fetched and fictional, but this is something that effects everyone in America.
    Let's say you're driving down the road and get hit by an illegal immigrant (be it mexican, canadian, german, etc. Immigrants can be from anywhere.) Well this person doesn't have any insurance because they aren't a US citizen and thus you can't get the damage for your car payed for.
    It's not just the job situation, there's many factors of Illegal immigrants that can effect people- be it a big politician or a blue-collar worker.
    Diego, if you're worried about something happening to you, do something about it. Check out that, or this....or this: . If you really feel like you're going to be a victem to these new laws, then do something about it. I'm not saying you don't have a US citizenship or anything, but if you have friends that don't; show them that.
    Getting in trouble for running away from a country because of it's poor conditions, etc isn't right. People that run away from areas they see not being fit for living is called a refugee; but it is possible to become a US citizen and if someone doesn't seek out the plethera of opportunities to seeking out a citizenship, then that's just being lazy.
    Please, by all means, don't be pissed at the Gov't for this. I know, I know...a lot of the things the Gov't does isn't right and fair, but having people illegally living in this country isn't just effecting Uncle Sam's wallet, but it's sort of effecting those that did (or had ancestors that did) go through the steps of becoming a US citezen.
    Just my two pennies.
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  8. Idk it doesn't make sense to let someone stay in the US if they get in illegally. Both my grandparents are immigrants and they went the right way, through ellis island. Not through a whole in a fence or in a trailer of 100 people. Unemployment is a big problem and illegal immigrants don't help it out more.
  9. I support the law.

    As much as I hate the idea of creating a "Big Brother" type of government, I DO believe that the government has a right to know exactly who it is governing. I also support a national ID card rather than individual state drivers' licenses.

    But the government should know who it is governing. It's not fair that illegal aliens live under the radar while everyone else has to perform all the responsibilities that come with citizenship (taxes, jury duty, etc.).
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  10. I'd support legislation to make it easier for immigrants to gain legal status. I don't think there's any fundamental difference between an illegal and legal immigrant except for a peice of paper, but illegal ones get away with not paying taxes and other bonuses, while at the same time living with the increased hardship of not having legal documentation. Once they're legal, they could get real jobs, education, and most importantly, *pay taxes*.

    It's kind of like the problem with marijuana: the government can make it illegal but it has no effect on anyone. We can all still get weed, and people can still run the border and help build decks for $50/day. So the solution that I see is to make it easier for people under a certain age to be able to get legal status and start paying taxes, since they're already here anyway. Plus once their on the same plane as everyone else, no one can claim they are stealing anyone's job since they now have to live with income tax and everything else that natural born citizens do.
  11. THEY TOOK 'ER JOBS (from south park, remember?)
  12. if it wasnt for immigrants your fucking lettuce would cost $22 a pound.

    and lests not forget who the REAL immigrant are. ;)

    btw, Joint, i know a lot of "illegals" who have jobs with croocked SS numbers...they pay taxes. a lot of them do. they dont file for a tax return in fear of being all that money that millions of "illegals" dont claim goes to the same govt trying to kick em out.
  13. ^ i was jk bro. i actually have a few mexicans married into my family (i white btw) and i also work w/several mexicans at my restaurant. i'm here to tell you they they are the hardest workers there are. nobody works as hard as a mexican and i appreciate their dedication to hard work.
  14. weedzilla, that comment was not directed to you...well it was, but not JUST you, it was for everyone...including me.
  15. I personally think illegaly immigrants should be ciminalized. They arent supposed to be here in the first place. Yes, they take jobs that are very low paying, but that is putting other people out of work. I guess i wouldn't have such a big problem if they would learn some english....

  16. If they're paying taxes for no reason with a fake social then they're stupid. All they have to do is fill out a new W4 with "Exempt" written on Line 7. They just give it to their employer and then they will withhold nothing from their paycheck for federal income tax.

    Edit: Here's a link to the w4
  17. You know, I have no issue with immigrants wanting to come here to work. My problem is that a lot of contractors are hiring illegals knowing well that they are illegal. The demand for cheap labor is sky-high here in Atlanta, and cutting corners in order to stay competitive is quite often practiced. If you're an immagrant here to work with all required papers and pay taxes, by all means work.

    On the otherhand, this is just a knee-jerk reaction to a problem that has been recognized for some time now. Personally, when I see Atlanta City Police riding around in $3000 Mercedes-Benz bicycles, I shake my head and know exactly where our problem resides (and it's not the immigrants.)
  18. If the immgrants are here illeaglly, they should be deported. It's that simple. There is a right and wrong way to do it. Do it it right and there's no problem. If they are here illegally, they shoud get the boot.
  19. I have nothing against immigrants; no matter where they're from.
    But about the job issue, the jobs that are given to illegal immigrants are usually low, hard jobs that most Americans won't want to do. Have you seen someone who can't speak english as a worker in a large corporation building wracking in 7 digits? No. Unless an unemployed US citizen wants to work as something not as desirable, then they need to stop saying that so-and-so are taking our jobs, etc.

    Yes, people might find ways to screw over illegal immigrants that come in and work hard jobs, but there's nothing much that can be done about that. Yes, it's weasly and not 100% right, but if you're not able to walk the walk and talk the talk of a country that you aren't even a citizen of then you can't complain at all.
    I'm well aware of who the true immigrants are. I'm also well aware of the great things immigrants bring over (culture, POT, etc.) but the US can become pretty disorderly if the gov't doesn't know who's in this country. (Remember, I'm pretty anti-"the man", but if it can effect me [an illegal immigrant running into my car; no insurance...a crime scene where there's absolutely no identification due to them being illegal, etc.] then i'm willing to side with the gov't. sorry)
    I don't agree with immigrants coming over illegally. Immigrants in general that are actual US citizens, I have absolutely no problem with. There's not a problem at all with a little diversity.

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