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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by tsakalos, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,
    i am a begginer grower and so far i am growing a diesel ryder. My question is the following,will a HQL (MBF-U, 3500K, 125W) lamp help my plant during the flowering period?
  2. this is the exact same question as someone else......

    you need two spectrums of light 2700K and 5700K...

    you need to use a minimum of 150 watts per plant

    2700K is for flowering and 5700K for vegging

    if your going to use 3000k is not as low of a spectrum of light your going to need... its above 2700..... and if you get your light your going to need more bulbs for vegging

  3. That bulb will work just fine for flowering, not as well as a 2700k but it wont be noticeable. Supplement with a few 27 watt 2700k cfl's and you'll be golden.:smoke:

    i use 2700k, 5000k, and 6500K at different ratios for veg and flowering.

  4. Well, my complete story is the following:
    I am in greece and still the sun is very bright. My girl enjoys 9 hours of sunlight every day, then 6 hours of dark and then i continue with my two cfl lamps (45W and 25W, 2700K) until the morning when she goes out in my balcony for "sunbathing"!
    What i am not satisfied with is the height of my plant which is aprox 25cm although less than three weeks left until harvest (11th of oct she will be 9 weeks old). Any idea why she is so short?

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