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[HQ PICS] Local AUS pickup: Unknown strain, looks cool!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by matmew, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. $50, which is fine for the weight. What do you guys think it is? He said it could be Sativa X but I've got no idea. Would this be strong? I thought it looked cool anyway.


  2. Idk, it's not Blue Dream, and that's one of the only distinguishable strains via picture. What you got here is some FIRE. Literally looks like someone dipped it in a vat of sugar. How's she smoke?
  3. Lots of smoke, little scent. Smells really natural, definitely outdoor. Long lasting effects, hits hard, haha. Dang!
  4. niceee man. good to see some aussie bud around here lol
  5. Open the picture in MS Paint, go to image and select strech/screw and put the percentage to 22%/22% which will make your pictures actually viewable and better to look at like so:

  6. Hairy as fuck as usual. :) but it looks dank.
  7. bad trim but otherwise looks good...really hairy :p

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