[HQ] Honeycomb Bowl Crazy Colors & Homegrown

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  1. just picked up this new spoon, sick design. made by a local blower who only made very few of this design and is now no longer makes glass. also a gram of some homegrown from around here. poor trim but its a nice sativa, gets me baked quick.






    any ideas for a name?
  2. nice piece, dont name it
  3. don't be an idiot. you have to name it
  4. Rofl, literally nobody names their pieces.

    It is a nice bowl. I picked up a spoon like this on Thanksgiving, similar in design, but mine has a better coloring scheme.
  5. the only people i know of that don't name their pieces are newbs.
  6. You're a horrible troll, just to let you know.
    Carry on.
  7. haha please go back under your bridge troll
  8. love the honeycomb bowl. i was looking at a few pieces that looked similar to this the other day. nice pickup.
  9. people who use the word newbs are probably a "noob"? idk i dont use that word. also have never named any of my pieces. but to the OP, thats a nice looking piece. looks like one of mine.
  10. OP NAME IT!!! I've broke/almost got caught/friends got caught with un-named glass!!! :eek:
    Here in jersey (at least for me) its bad luck to carry a bowl with no name!!! i named all my glass except one and the 1st day i almost got caught.:bolt: I named it and haven't had an incident yet :hello:

    as for a name suggestion...

    Let the name come to you as well...if you don't like the name then whats the point?

    happy tokin :bongin:

    nice piece btw :D
  11. I always name my pieces

    When you have a bunch it's easier to call them by their name insted of "My piece"
    That way it's easier to be specific
  12. name it "literally nobody"
  13. thanks for the replies. havent thought of a name yet, sounds like i need to soon though
  14. my bongs name changes every like week
    i got it around christmas and these are her names =p

    isabella larrissa minalux250
    its always been a her =p
  15. Nice looking bowl. I like the honeycomb.
  16. Ya I don't ever name my pieces, I let others that join me in the first sesh name it.
  17. It's not like there's a thread dedicated to naming peices or anything...

  18. whats with all the arguing? smoke another bowl and just chill you all. any name suggestions?

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