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HQ: Blue Dream, GDP, Shiva crystals

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mariahcarey, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, just testing my camera out. Both strains have a sweet and fruity natural smell. The Blue Dream is a little more compact and dense than the GDP.

    Looking forward to your comments :yummy:

    Blue Dream:


    Shiva crystals:
  2. Yummy! Nice pickup.
  3. i want those crystals

    +rep, on and p.s. great titties ;)
  4. i had some blue dream a few weeks ago, very good strain. hope you enjoyed it :)
  5. is shiva crystals hash or something ? nd yes im a dumass
    oh and how much did u get of each ?
  6. dank looking bud
    someone grew that with pride
  7. 2 hits from a pipe and you're done. (for me at least)
    nice pickup :)
  8. Shiva crystals is just like a brand-name hash I guess. I got an eighth of each and the container for the crystals holds a gram.

    For me too, hahaha
  9. + rep looks like some fire
  10. GDP looks insane
  11. GDP looks fucking amazing.

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