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  1. Alright well i finally got the money to get all my shit to grow some nice indoor bud.And i got a few questions.If you can help me out that would be great the more comments the better.I plan on growin about 3 plants in a closest about 5 or 6 feet across and 8 feet tall.I jsut need to know how many lights i need and how many watts.Also when i start out growin how should the light cycle be.i know 27/7 at the start then wut should i do thanks for the answers peace.Also so a easy to read grow guide would help out tons.once again thanks for the help.
  2. theory varies but 18/6 may be better than 24/7.

    you really want to trap the light in so the plants absorb most of them, anyhow you need at least 250 watts for a decent grow, 400 maybe too much, 150 may be too little.

    you only want one or two HPS lights.

    after your veg state, you want 12/12 for the budding/flowering state. you can do research to find out the best flowering time.
  3. isn't 600~1000 way too much for three plants?

    well i guess if you want big plants but for a first time closet grower (i think) it may be too much?
  4. 1000 maybe, 600 or 400 is fine though.
  5. everyone has there opinion. you need to take many things into factor. 1st things first, security should be the first thing you address. make sure your secure. you dont want the panic of you screwin up setting in because this can delay you in ways you cant even imagine.

    what supplies do you have now? i have found that when you think you have everything, you dont. another word of advice, its one thing to look like a stoner, its another to have all the evidence sitting in the shopping cart that youre a grower too. so be very inconsistant about where and when you get supplies.

    if youre in apt, try to hide the best way you can supplies that would be out of place coming into or sitting around your dwelling.

    when you are prepared to get started, everyone has different ways of what they want to do. me for instance, i didnt want heat issue to have to be anything i wanted to deal with intially starting. so i went with 4 48 in shop light floros. that whole getup cost less than 15 bucks. not only do the floros provide the blue spectrum for growth, with the light setup, it gives you a lot of time to prepare for your transition to hps. so start you training at least 3rd week into vegn.

    pot size i would suggest with your closet size, 3-5 gallons. your closet seems to be bigger than mine, so i would actually add one more plant to make my chances of a female 25% vs 33%.

    another thing i was taking into consideration is electricity usage. since its the end of the summer, of course its going to be hotter around here. i dont know your location, but august and september around here, people actually drop there ac temp. so there is an increase of power usage. perfect time to flower me thinks.

    now the good part. hps decisions, what to go with? 600 watts or 1000 watts, i would not want to put either or in the closet. that is not to safe to me. something with that much wattage, needs to either be in a dedicated gro room or down in the basement, that would be too much heat for you to control and possibly a fire hazard. you dont need that. 400 watts would be perfect to go with. sure more watts = more bud. but lets be realisic, youll have 3 maybe 4 plants, under the 400 youre looking at least ounce and half to 2 oz per plant. thats a good yield for 1st time as long as everything goes right.

    i did 24/0 for the 1st 2 weeks of veg and then switched the cycle back to 18/6, i noticed an increase in growth when i went to 18/6. i believe the 6 hour rest period does allow the plant to rest. so you should consider it. i hope this helped, any questions, and we all will be happy to help. good luck and be secure. :)
  6. ^^^^^ wot he said.

    id go 18/6 and 400wHPS aswell in that space.
  7. yeah they all hit it right on the nail... but i'd grow more plants than that.
  8. Thanks for the advice.I may just grow some more.Cant wait to smoke tons of white widow.Peace ill post peace as they come.

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