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  1. Ok so I have to led lights now a 600 watt meihzi true watts are 277 from wall and a roleadro 300 watt led that's pulls 125 from wall but is it worth switching from led to hps heard it a lot of work to keep them kool

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  2. Price wise its cheaper to buy a 1000w hps and cool it than an equivilent led. Some leds have poor spectrum you get what you pay for. Hps bulbs its kinda a guarantee your gonna get good lighting. Mh for veg. I would consider going from my hps setup to lec or cree cobs but both are very expensive in comparisons good 1000w hps setup with inline fan and xl cool tube will cover a 4x4 easy for about 300$ all said n done. But to get close to that with good leds 6-800 minimum. You could try and go with multiple smaller leds to get close but again youll still end up with a heat issue at the end of the day with less lumens and canopy penetration. Its really comes down to what you prefer. I like giant lightbulbs some people like tiny led lights. Some people get great results and some get shit. So theres alot of factors to determine but if my bulb goes out bam screw another in if the led panel goes out hope you bought 2
  3. Do you have a link With everything I need and where I could order

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  4. I'm growing in tent also it's 24x24x48 tent 4 sq.ft

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  5. Im in a 48x48x80 so you might wanna go the 600w route
  6. Your gonna have to vent out through the ceiling through a wall or through the floor, window if applicable
  7. And its gonna have to be a direct as possible or your gonna need a higher cfm fan
  8. mine looks like this 1499182165902.jpg 1499182195137.jpg
  9. Those are my only choices to vent out the heat what about if I got the 250 watt or 400 watt I'm just tryin to figure it out window to far and I'm renting my house I can't just put holes in floors and house just want little to no heat as possible that why I had started with led because they don't need that kool tube and extra stuff

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  10. Just trying to do all my research before I make that call is it really worth it

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  11. You still gotta exchage air in thw tent is there and ac return nearby
  12. What about if run it half power leave tent open it's a ac in my living in the window

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  13. Unless your running autos how you gonna flip for flower
  14. Or if you wanna stick an ac unit in the tent you can scrap a cool tube and just run a gull wing and pull through a carbon filter to circulate air
  15. Not in the tent in the same room just leave both sides of tent ️ open would that work don't wanna buy it and can't keep temps at lease 84 degrees

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  16. So I'm thinking of 400 watt hps leave tent open only run at 50 percent and 75 for flower I read the smaller one hps systems have less heat output

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  17. Well how about a cmh 315
  18. Ok let me google that hope it's not exspensive

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