hps vs. metal halide

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  1. im getting a mh light from a coworker and he was using it for a fish tank. im not sure if the bulb he has is ideal for growing plants. should i get this light for cheap or invest in a hps?
    please help seeds coming soon.
  2. Better to just invest in a 400W HPS, you can get conversion MH bulbs that will work with your ballast.:wave:
  3. MH=veg
    HPS+MH in flower = :cool::smoke: :cool:

    so if the wattage is enough, there shouldn't be a problem using the MH for the veg-phase...
  4. This man said all that needs to be said.

  5. seconded. On a side note, if its between a MH and HPS bulb go with HPS since you want better light during flowering then you do during veg. if u had both tho, that would be pretty baller
  6. yes... you can veg way better with hps than you can flower with mh... get it? :smoke:
  7. so i got the light from the coworker b/c it was cheep its a 14k 150 watt. mh bulb. the coworker says he has a 10k bulb witch is best for growing???? also ne1 know how i can wire my 120 mm comp fans 12v for vents??

  8. For the computer fans there are a few good picture diagrams on this site. its pretty easy to do. all you do is cut the computer connecters off the cord of the fan so that you expose the copper thread on the inside of the wire. you do the same with the ac adapter and then connect the wires with each other.

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