HPS vs High Powered LED on Canna nutes using Humboldts Secret product called Golden Tree instead of Boost and Rhizotonic.

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  1. Howdy all, journaling my comparison grow between HPS and LED. Comparing 1200 watts of HPS (2 x 600 watt Hortilux red eye ran off Phantom ballast's) with an additional 220 watts of t5 supplemental side/uv light. And the competition is one 1100 watt led comprised of COB's (real watts from wall) will get pics of all lights and their true wall draw on my kilawatt tester. Also in with the 1100 watt unit are two Mars Hydro 300 watt lights (wall draw was I believe 170 watts each) and these are for side lighting and additional uv as well. Both setups are in 42 Sq ft grow tents, non sealed rooms with no additional Co2. Hps is setup in air cooled reflectors one in line with the other. Climate kept pretty steady for both tents between 74/80 degrees Fahrenheit with lights on...roughly 10 degrees cooler with lights off. Humidity stays around 40/50% in flower, 60/70% in veg. Running multiple strains on Canna Terra nutrients and soilless mix. Using Humboldts Secret product called Golden Tree in place of Canna Boost and Rhizotonic to see if their product is as good as claimed. Have a ton of experience running Boost and Rhizotonic so I am not doing a side by side comparison at this time, possibly down the road I will. I use dechlorinated/filtered water that starts around 100 ppms from a dechlorinating filter system (two stage filter). So both rooms are approximately at 1420/1440 watts. I wanted to pick this journal up in veg, but circumstances prevented that. Will have another journal started shortly in another tent using 1850 watts of Led! That grow will feature a newer nutrient line out of California. (More to follow on that one soon)

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  2. The LED's being used are from Heaven Bright... I missed putting that in the first journal entry. Sorry Jacob.
  3. That's awesome, I'm super excited to see how the LEDs stand up. Looking good in there by the way!
  4. Thanks bud, much appreciated!
  5. So far, so good...hps seems to be about equal to the Led at this point...think I got a little more lush canopy with the LED's but still hard to say as I'm only a week into flower. Fed yesterday at 1000 ppms with Canna nutes and the second dose of Golden Tree...I didn't start Golden Tree until I started flowering. Sooo, ppms at 1000, ph at 6.2, water temps at 70 degrees. Hps room at 75/78 degrees, led room at 74/77 degrees. Both canopies are at roughly the same height, had to do a little more lst bending in the led room...just controlling the stretch...will update again soon.

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  6. Yeehaa, buckled up and along for the ride can't wait to see how this all pans out
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    Right on...everything should really start taking off in both rooms. Just have some tweaking to do, that never ends, lol.
  8. Awsome Comparison! Looks good. Great job giving each room supplemental lighting too. I never used LED yet but I know I get allot with my 600's HPS so I'm dying to see this as I am about to build another room & I wanted to go LED but I have to do a comparison grow between 3 LEDs against each other & my HPS before I make a decission as to which LED Company I'm going to use if indeed they can keep up with my HPS. So I am glad to see this thread! I'll stay tuned!
  9. [​IMG][​IMG] will get more current pics and updates done this evening. Thanks!

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  10. Interesting side by side I am subbed!
  11. Thanks, new pics coming through here shortly as I wrap up week two of flowering.
  12. I wanna see this!
  13. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]HPS room! Looking good. Today is the end of two weeks and I am liking what I see so far. Golden Tree does work. Each time I've used it, (3 times now) I've seen immediate results within 24 to 48 hour's. I think it has promoted more flowering sites. I know the kind of results to expect with Boost and Rhizotonic and I would say Golden Tree so far has performed as well or possibly better. Keep an eye out, can't wait till final 3 weeks, that's where Boost really shined for me in the past.

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    Canopies still close. Have had to do more training (bending branches and moving around) but only because I am not sure what kind of stretch to expect under these LEDs. Whereas I know how much stretch to expect in my Hps room. Overall I am happy so far with the results. I'd say both rooms are close although I still feel I have more flowering sites under the LED's. Time will tell, and I am wondering how it will all play out. Thanks for checking in...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Led side...

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    HPS side

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    These pics are at day 15 of flower.

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  16. I gotta say, I am starting to see some pretty good results with this Golden Tree. I sincerely see it in my Hps room...definitely bigger than usual, and I can already smell the plants, and I'm just into week 3. If this keeps up, I'd say I'm a definite believer on Humboldts Secret for a wonderful product. We shall see, but all signs are looking good.

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  17. HeavenBrite has a new light called the Mothership. Real nice! Utilizes Cree or Bridgluxe Vero. I have a feeling the led side is going to flourish.
  18. The LED's in use are the same as what's in my units. Mine are just higher powered bugger units. He streamlined and cleaned up the design. I like the new and old looks.
    Have some more pics up this weekend as we draw to the end of week three in flower now.
  19. Good guy over there at Heaven Bright, gotta send kudos to Jacob over there!
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    And as a side note, my led's are setup with both styles. One is primarily Vero cobs, the other are the Crees.

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