HPS Vs Flouros

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TooSicKs, May 1, 2003.

  1. Okay, here's a lighting question for tha grow-geeks.

    If i were to use the same lumens and wavelength spectrum with flouros as your standard HPS puts out, would there be a diffrence in yield?

    I think that if i used the same lumens and wavelength i could cincievably get a better grow out of flouros because i could provide more sidelighting. Also with adequate sidelighting i can grow bigger plants. I have 9' of vertical space to grow in so i can grow one pretty big bush if i got enough sidelighting. I'd like to grow a monster closet tree in there.

    Also what is the spectrum range of HPS?

  2. not much of a grow-geek here...but eh might be able to answer it

    I'd say doesnt matter at all as lumens are all that matters. It will be pritty hard to get enough fluros to equal a decent wattage HPS in lumens tho :/
    though I've pondered having a HPS on top and 2 compact fluros on the sides, maybe even one under it pointing up, If I can angle it right etc

    but yes, lumens are lumens, if you can get same amount of lumens with the fluoros than HPS its fine, just not easy to do :)
    keeps light-burn away tho, hps are hot :p
  3. Ya I would think all things being equal it would be close but at 2960 lumens per 40 Watts of flourescents you would need 10 flouors to equal one 250 Watt HPS at 28000 lumens and you would be using 400 Watts to power the 10 flouros double the wattage of a 250HPS but what the heck I dont pay your electric bill!

    Good luck
  4. I don't pay my electric bill either,,,, haha!

    I think i gain an advantage with flouros because i cann get better sidelighting. My plant is tight and thick, but still gets good light everywhere, currently under 200w of flouros. I've got 2 tubes running in the 3000k spectrum and 2 running 5500k, my CF running unknown, but it's diffrent than the other two. Also i don't have issues with heat in my present grow space whuch is enclosed and confined.
  5. Cool how do I get on the free electric list? Anywho I just switched from flouros to HPS, my flouros did me well.
  6. Just find ya an apartment for rent with utilities included, free electric!

    I'll go HPS eventually but i want to expiriment with flouros and figure out what works best for a low buck grow. When i learn how to maximize flouro yield i want to write a guide, the guide i wish i had to growing under flouros cheap.
  7. You should read the post "guidence needed" I describe my flouro set up in detail, Im not an expert but I know my way around flouro growing, I had 6 4' 40Watt in a closet worked pretty good for me.

    Good luck
  8. I'll check the post, thanks! I was following that thread but i just kinda lost track of it, but i'll go through it.


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