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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by iseesmurfs420, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. For all you who use HPS where did you get yours. Ive checked online at Home Depots website but they only sell floodlight security style HPS. If not when you got it online what was it packaged in?
  2. I got mine from my local growing store. They have everything one would possibly want there, it's great.
  3. I buy my HID lights at the local hydro shop. Any indoor growing place should stock HPS lights. The security floodlights work, but they also need a bit of rewiring before use. It all depends on how big you want your workload to be.

  4. I wish we had HPS lights around here. I just had to settle for a flouro tube. Just got it today. Looks like it's doing good so far though. :)
  5. Hydroponics store. :)
  6. insidesun.com Great lights and prices. I have a 400w hps and upgrgaded to a Hortilux bulb. My plants started off under fluoros for vegging and first 2 weeks of flowering until the light showed up. It is now in its final weeks and the plant has doubled in size and the buds are as dense as pine cones. Go for a 600w if you have the $.
  7. I dont know if its a hydro store but it sells flowers and shit. I might go check it out.
  8. You can modify one of the home depot style HPS floodlights into a remote ballasted grow light with this FAQ ( http://www.overgrow.com/growfaq/1151 ).

    And a quick question: If I got an HPS, would it be a good idea to buy some floros too and veg under them, then in flower move to HPS? I heard that HPS's were best for the whole process. I mean, if I can get the same result vegging from floros, i'll do it. The electric bill would go down significantly.

  9. Yeah i did a remote ballast, the same one as above, it works great only a 150w though, I built it when i was 17 so its really easy to doand the only other thing you have to build is a reflector. http:www.overgrow.com/edge/showthread.pup?threadid=53067&highlight=Tick It cost me around 80$ for the light and the feflector should cost you 15$.I built my own cheaper one with things around the garage. Im thinking of going back out on my next paycheck and buying another for a 300w system before my plants start to bud.
  10. got mine from a friend who works at a salt water fish tank store for free


    i love watching the light come on its cool as shit
  11. Hey Doc
    That looks like a halogen bulb.

  12. i was told it was a hps, and im still not having any luck finding part numbers etc online for it so im all ears if someone can find the tru info on this lamp..

    the bulb is a Ushio - uhi-150 aqua, F-2418 G-19 is all the info i got off it
  13. Floodlight security style will work, but I have found there is one HELL of a heat problem in a small space. Mind you I only paid around US equiv 32 dollars for 400W so couldn't refuse. Once they start flowering they dont seem to mind the heat so much, so next time its flouros for veg with a bit of hps for good luck :)

    I'm new to indoors and learning every day, but I still say hps is worth it. Works OK for veg and Definiteley helps the buds!!
  14. Econolight.com got 150 w light bulb and ballast all for under 50 bucks thats including shipping
    check em out they are cheap on all even MH
    comes in a box marked econolight
  15. Doctor_Funk, it looks liek a MH, thats bext for veg. Plug it in and let it warm up, if it turn from blue to red its an HPS if it just stays blue after 5 min its a MH. You can flower under an MH though, its better then floros less then HPS.
  16. but yo i have a 400 MH and a 70 HPS will 70 watts be enough and which is better for flowering MH or HPS

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