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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skully, May 24, 2003.

  1. my 250 watt hps is getting really hot.my grow room is up to 105 degrees i had a little fan in there on 24/7...seen it was to hot,plus an exhaust system that clears up to 65 feet running 24/7.i added a bigger fan and its still not dropping.On top of all that my ballast is getting really hot and so is my powerbar.What do i do?????????~!!!!!!!!!!my babies are starting to pop thru the dirt!
  2. You'll need a stronger or another exhaust fan.
    Another thing is to keep the ballast outside the grow space.
    And if you still find it too warm, and you have a dome shade you can take one or two of the shade pieces off using a counter weight to balance it. That will let you keep the light a touch closer even if it is too warm overall.
  3. sounds like you will need to put the ballast outside the box........Peace out......Sid
  4. Its important that fresh air gets into the box and already heated/used air is taken out. If your system is just moviing the air, its not all that bad but from time to time you need to get some fresh air ( air that is not from the box )into the box. Sometimes this is very complicated as you have to keep it away from nosy people poking around. Just take good hard look and see what u can come up with. I was this kind of situation when I started, but try to make some time for the plants and from time to time I will open the grow box and let it do its things. Hope this helps.

    The Dude Abides!
  5. well guys i have my new 70w HPS now and its in my set-up, but its not even near as bright as my floro set-up.... is that ok because HPS has more of an effect on plants than floros because of the color light?
    i mean i had a 65w floro work light, and like 7 other Floro bulbs at 19w a peice, and a 20w floro tube.. the only reason i changed it was because people kept saying"FLORO SUCKS FOR FLOWERING, GO WITH HPS, GET A 70W FROM HOME DEPOT FOR 50$." So i did, and now its nowhere near as bright.... let me know the deal guys, and if its ok to use both kinds of light, thanks...

  6. I got the ballast cooled off really good now...i had to put a fan on it but it works.the grow room doesnt seem very hot but the temp stays between 80-87 degrees.i think my temp gage sux...its digital and very very sensitive.i have 2 fans and 2 exausts going and temp still bounces...all my plants sprouted thru the dirt and look pretty good though.
    also i live in the country so theres nobody to come a snoopen so i think im just going to keep my grow room door open..vent it out a bit better.

    let me know what you guys think..
  7. Keep it open when you and ur blood buddies are there and when u leave the presence of your babies close it. Then open it when you get back. I think plants can take upto like 95 with some normal air circulation. You should be fine. Keep up the good work

    The Dude Abides!
  8. Secneek.....you had approx 16,500 lumens.......now you have approx 8,000 lumens.....however it is the right spectrum to flower...............hence more buds......yes the fluros will grow the plant faster, but there is no comparrison with the HPS for flowering.......it is only one plant isn't it?.......all you need for 1 plant is about 3000 lumens......if i remember it was a small box, so it should be fine........Peace out.......Sid
  9. Hey Sid,

    If I have one 400 W MH anf three small fluros. Is it correct if I say that I can even have 12 plants ? And when I switch to flowering..should I still keep the small fluros or should I remove them ? I wish I had a digital camera ....I want someone to tell whether it is time to flower my plants or not ...

    The Dude Abides!
  10. yeah it will cover 12 plants if you've got a room small enough that the light is not getting wasted.......ie painted white, or using mylar......i'd keep the fluros on, if you have to flower with the MH, the more light the better.............but with an HPS you can just use it by itself..........as for flowering your plants.....what's the height restriction of your growroom?.......i trigger mine at approx 12" and they usually finish at approx 24-28"............Peace out..........Sid

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