HPS too expencive. Flouro's really work?

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  1. Will my flouro really work? I went to get a HPS and their more then a hundred dollars. There's no way I can do that. How much flouro do I need? Thanks guys

  2. Fluoros will work fine for vegetative growth as long as you have a mix of cool whites and warm whites. More cool whites than warm whites for vegetative growing I think. How many fixtures and bulbs you need depends on how many plants you want to grow. I'm currently growing 7 plants and I have them under 240W fluoros. 2 40W full spectrum bulbs in the middle and 2 40W wide spectrum bulbs on each side. My grow area is 4 x 2 x 6ft. A general rule of thumb I live by is 40 watts per square foot. 240W/8ft=30W per square foot but believe...I'm using this lighting very efficiently with my babies leaves less than an inch from the bulbs. So to your answer...yes fluoros will work fine but don't expect to get a big yield from them when you switch lighting to 12/12. If you do go with fluoros get 4' bulbs and fixtures (more for the money). I'm investing in a 400W HPS system in time for flowering with a Son Agro or Hortilux bulb. Hope this helps you out...good luck!
  3. yes you can grow with flouros....all the way ....
    (Hope the pics work....if it doesnt sorry but this is the first time ive tried to add a pic)

    someone i knew grew with only 2 40w flouros and got these
    the total yeild for 1 plant was 1 1/2 oz....and it was awsome to get stoned with....the potency was great BUT you cant get away from the fact that your yeild will be crap compared to HPS

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  4. You made 7 plants in a 4x2 area? That's great. I didn't know you could grow so much in such a small space. I have about twice that to work with. I'm going to send off for my seeds today and stop by the hardware store at the same time. Also, vataloco did you mean you used 60watt bulbs. You said you used 4 40watts but that's only 160 watts not the 240 you claimed to use. Regardless your right, using your rule I'm going to pick up about twice that for my growing area. Thanks guys and I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. Sorry, that was confusing. I've got 240W fluoros. 3 4' fluoro fixtures with 2 40W bulbs in each fixture. 3 x 80W = 240W
  6. here's a pic of my grow area

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