HPS Supplemented with flouro's, is it worth it

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  1. A friend is currently flowering with a hps light and using two smaller flouros to supplement the main hps. Is it worth the bother to use additional flouros during the flowering stage?
    Or will the difference be marginal?. Also how close to a plant can a 100 watt hps be placed above the plant? Peace to all those who create life and enjoy it to the fullest.
  2. More light == more buds

    What you have asked,,, to answer,, depends on the setup..

    If what is used is a 100w hps,,,adding flouros can help add white light and intensity at the leaves.

    keep plants terminal bud(top) 8-12 in. away from 100w hps bulb..

    here is an example of a small regrow box...100w hps 2 100w CF's...


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  3. Thanks for the info Ndica!, The photo is especially helpful as the setup is similar to mine. I started flowering the new batch at 5 and a half inches to see what the results would be, as space is limited. Here is my most promising offspring, and thanks again!
  4. Yummy!

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  5. Glad it helped......happy growing......


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