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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MonArch, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. ive seen some hps security lights for about 80 dollars and heard you can use them. But i heard that you have to do modifications to them. This seems like a much cheaper alternative than spending 200 on a ballast. and 40 on a hps light. So i want to know if this is true and if it is do i have to do any modifacations to it.
  2. Yes you can use them and yse you may have to modify them.

    At the very least you will have to put a plug on it.

    Some goes as far as to strip them down to components so the ballast can be seperated from the lamp by extending the wires from lamp holder to ballast.

    There is many faq's and step by step guides on Overgrow on how to convert a security light to a remote ballasted grow light.

    I posted the link somewhere in this forum.....

    Check this thread it is about half way down the first page

    Good luck. First rule of electrical safety, be FUCKING careful dude.

  3. Strip a security light down. It works great. Double check everything before your fire it up. Make sure not to ignore the ground the lights work without being grounded but they are dangerous that way could catch fire or eletricute you!

    Some things to keep in mind. Make sure the ballest is mounted in a METAL box that has vent holes in it. and use good quality extension cords to go between each of your runs (important for safety)

    Good luck
    stay safe and GROW ON!
  4. home depot has a 150w HPS security light for $45:D
  5. i went to home de pot yester day and p[icked out my floros. and i saw the 150w 45$ hps. I was tempted to buy it but before i do i want to know what type of work would i have to do to that one. Im not a master electrician. Oh ya, home de pot didnt have any warm white bulbs so i got a soft white, is it the same or diff?

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