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  1. Hey guys, I have one indoor plant of the Original Flo strain from dutch passion. I just bought a 150w HPS floodlight from RAB lighting for my flower cycle and was wondering how far away from my girl should i keep it?

    Its not a regular hanging grow kit, its technically an outdoor industrial floodlight. I didn't have 200 bills to blow on a kit, so my buddy who gets bomb deals at this light company hooked me up for 55 bucks..ballast and bulb inclusive..

    Also, should I keep a couple swirlies running to broaden the spectrum, or will this one 150W bulb do the trick?

    here is a picture, any input is appreciated --

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  2. Bump..anyone?
  3. Your plant looks okay. Don't keep the 150w further than a foot away. Use the back of your hand to determine where the heat stops, and keep the plant as close as you can without radiant heat.

    Sounds like a waste of money to me though. I'd rather have spent that cash on CFL bulbs. $200 is like $50 a week. You should have been able to "move some things around" to make it happen right if you wanted it to.
  4. The 150w will do the job; however your plant is starting to swell and is almost reaching height that the light can't penetrate. Either top it or switch to 12/12 cause that's gonna be a monster..
  5. hah, yea im afraid it will get too big. Is it too late to keep it from getting any taller?

    Dark period is spent in my closet which is limited height wise.

    --oh yea and i got the light really cheap so it was about the same as buying a bunch of cfls

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