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  1. Right now im using t5's and t12 floro's...

    My question is how many plants could i grow with a 150w HPS? i want somthing higher

    but idk if i can control temps with anything higher because my room is 3x4x7.

    Any idea's?
  2. Im going to say, any thing you can fit in a 4x4 area is what you could grow under a 150w HPS
  3. I have a 150w HPS, it says it's good for a 2x2 area.. which is good for one plant under LST, or two unmolested plants..
    Works great for one plant..

  4. idk how youre arranging your plants, but i run a perpetual harvest (constant cycling in the flower box), in a space of 22"x24" (just under 2 sq feet) and I currently have 8 plants in there, all of them have been topped/LSTd to some degree, but some more than others.

    also, thats under a 150HPS + cfls. so, to kev, I can do 8 if they arent all at the same point in flower (as in, last few weeks)
  5. Here's one Grand Daddy Purple, under LST.. week one..
    She's twice the size now, and takes up the WHOLE 20"x18" grow cab.. she could easily use up a 2'x2' area.. :)

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  6. ok. ya well i guess thats my best bet.
    how do you guys control your temps?

    cause iv got a space right now with a 4' incline fan connected with a carbon filter and its still at temps of 75....
    is the temp going to change alot with a 150w? should i go with a 200? or 250?
  7. Go with a 250 or 400, I would go with the 400.. a 4" inline fan should work with either.. my temps dropped, after going with one light, instead of using the multi CFLs and workbench lights..
  8. did it change your electric bill at all? cause i'm really wanting to go with the 250w.
    Can i Veg with HPS also?
  9. it's worth the grams per watts ratio, but yeah, it might cost a little more, but we are only talking a 250w on 12/12.. you can veg with a HPS, but it's cheaper to use your other lights for veg..
  10. is there a site with cheap 250hps lighs?
  11. insidesun.com is a good site.
  12. And by the way, AMORIL... That space is just shy of 4 sq. ft. not 2. 12" x 24" would be 2 sq. ft.

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