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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by amber420, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. i am really wanting to buy a good hps with grant money i will be getting back in mar/apr. i have a spare closet the i would put it in. i can't decide on the 250 or the 400. here is why:

    - i can't raise my electric bill up to much.
    - not sure about heat issues with the two.
    - the two seem to be around the same price.

    can you all give me your recommendations?
  2. go with the 400 watt hps. their are a couple of electricity calculators you could use to get an idea of what your lectricity will look like bill wise. my 400 watt hps took my lectricity up to an addtl 9 bucks a month. this was running it at 12hours a day for 40 days. the 250 would be a waste of your time and money, because in the future, you would prolly upgrade anyways. the 400 watts is like 90.000 lumens, the 250 is like 40.000 i think.
  3. heat issues with the 400 were non existant, just run a fan across the top to cool the light. a small fan circulating in the closet and maybe a clip on fan to add to the door, that will cool everything down.
  4. If you can find a 400w cheap go for it. I just run a 150w and a 75w with a few floros, no noticed increase in my bill really. In the summer my AC ran the bill up high, now thats not on but my lights are......bill is actually lower than in the summer, so im cool with it.
  5. 400 all the way. I started out with a 150...for sale now...

    400 made a big diff in both growth and flowering!

  6. woah buddy, where are u gettin ur info? a 400W HPS is around 50000 lumens, tops. a 250W hps hits about 27000 lumens.

    How big of an area are you growing in? (depth by width in feet) thats your biggest question. you'll want to have 50 - 70 watts of light per sq feet. so multiply the width of the area by the depth of it, then divide 400 (as in watts for the HPS light) by that number. Do the same with 250. as long as you're in the 50 - 70 watt range, you'll be alright.

    btw: when i started using a 400W and a 70W hps, i noticed about a $30 rise in my electric bill.
  7. well i did say i think, i was sure someone would correct me since i was to lazy to search :) sorry amber 50000, the 1000 watts 90000

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