HPS plus cfls?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by jblewballz, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Ok so I have a stealth grow area under my steps in a closet. I am limited on height and had a 600w digital ballast that was making the space too hot, so I had to turn it to 50%. I since switched to a 400w magnetic ballast, pretty sure my digital one was putting out interference (am radio went to all static on a clear channel once I turned lights on). But I thought since I got small popcorn size buds lower on the plant that I would try cfl's also. I only have 2 plants that I topped and doing LST with them. I have 4 23w (100w eq) 2700k cfl bulbs, in a diamond shape around the plants. Are 4 good enough, because it does increase the temps about 8f. I have enough venitlation. 6" fan blowing on light glass, 8" lightly on plants. 530cfm exhaust fan before light and 6" duct fan booster after. Should 4 cfl's cause this much heat?
  2. As I understood things it was the older style magnetic ballasts that caused the most interference with appliances? As for the CFL's an extra 100W is an extra 100W and will generate exrta heat in the grow space, if the over all temp is still O.K. then I'd put them in.

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