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  1. Ok ive decided to go indoors or my wife has decided to let me grow indoors much to my surprise. Now i know absolutely fuck all about lightning as ive only ever grown outside. Im going to buy a 1.2 x 2.4 tent. Question is what lighting should i use. Im not really bias either way. I like HPS for the colder months but i like LED for the warmer months.
    Ive been doin some reading about life span of each light and some say there LEDs last for up 50k hours now that sounds like total bullshit to me but i really dont know as others say like shitty mars that their lights loose 5% a year in efficiency not that i would buy one. Ive also read some HPS only have a life span of 1000 hours.
    Also what brands are good and which ones should i avoid. All suggestions are welcome. I am in Australia so some things you may mention might not be available to me. Thanks all.

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  2. Sent you a message as we're a bit in the same boat at the moment.
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  3. Cmh best of both worlds
  4. Ive read that you should not enter a grow space while CMH is on as they can cause skin cancer. Thays the only reason i was steering clear of them.

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  5. Idk im still okay lol, how may hours a day do you plan on staying under the lights? Most of the time my tents only open for 5-10 minutes at a time. Im more scared of the sun, good thing your wife said you can grow inside. Cancer is bad mmkayy.
  6. You'll have to use LED if it is that small of grow tent. Check out quantum boards. I have no experience with them but very impressive results.
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  7. Hahaha yeah like you said 5 to 10 min every 2nd or 3rd day. So im just being overly paranoid your saying.

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    Yea ive heard similar they do put out uv rays but like i said like i said tho you dont really see it that much, i get way more sunrays than grow light exposure, and here are my side by side results led vs cmh.
    20190406_204422.jpg 20190406_204438.jpg 20190406_204503.jpg 20190403_183727.jpg 20190403_183753.jpg 20190406_204240.jpg

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  9. The sun puts out UV Ray's and we walk around in that every day.
  10. Hortilux 315 cmh!! There bulbs are the best and it's not even close. 50% more uv than the rest on the market. Plus 1 of my lights out penetrates my 1k hps 20180716_043252.jpg

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  11. Please excuse my ignorance Papa what ballasts do you use Papa with those lights, how long does a globe last and how much heat do they give off??

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  12. Remarkable progress under what many would consider less than ideal here; two 75w COB units that draw about 45w from wall each.
    IMG_20190528_172932.jpg IMG_20190528_172951.jpg
    A pair of clones vegging 20/4 under 50w UFO well on their way
    IMG_20190528_091113.jpg IMG_20190528_091046.jpg
  13. So ended up going with 3 of these. Got them for a bit less than the asking price which is nice as well. Screenshot_20190601-193458_Chrome.jpg

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  14. 1.2m x 1.2m

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