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    I think I've narrowed my options down to the best two, but which is better? I'm looking for maxium quality and quantity of bud.
    In my own research since I posted, I decided to get MH lights for veg and HPS for flowering. Are the two bellow the best choices?
    Hortilux blue daylight 1000w
    Gavita pro 1000e
    Should I get hortilux HPS as well? They seem pretty reputable across the board.
    Newbie question: does every light require its own ballast? so like 5 lights = 5 ballasts?
    Lastly any recommendations on a light controller?

  2. save the money go with the cheap mh and hps bulbs. lots of people will swear by the hortilux but in my experience i found the cheap bulbs to be just as effective. 
    why did you choose HID of LED?
  3. The best you can have is a nice LED and HID mixture. The HID light increases yield because of how much light it produces but the LED is known to produce better weed and more trichomes. My personal setup is 20 plants with 2 x 1000 watt HID and 2 x 600 watt LED and my product is great
  4. Nice i bet it is really good. I tried originally to go all LED then had to switch to a hybrid system like yours. that was years ago I had to quit for a while then when i came back I made the switch back to all LED. i am assuming you are using HPS for your HID are you running a blue light as supplement or red or full spectrum? :) I ran a MH with a supplemental red 660nm for a while. i got really good results. I been running short sog. do you have a journal I would love to see your grow. 
  5. LED technology has improved as computer tech has, thanks to computer tech
    Compromises that needed to be made in the past are, well, in the past
    IF you buy the right LED panels
    That said, their upfront cost is considerably higher but, by the accumulated savings after the second grow, it's about even 

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