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  1. Hey everyone, I just purchased a 150 watt MH bulb for my HPS system, however after further reading on this glorious! website I discovered that not all of the systems can take MH bulbs. I bought the light from 1000bulbs.com. Im really stressed out over this to be honest, I cant find a 150 conversion bulb anywhere. What do you think I should do guys...

    My hps system is made by Sun System.

    ps. if anyone can direct me to a 150 watt conversion bulb that b great
  2. I think your out of luck, my friend. I don't believe they make conversion bulbs smaller than 400 watts. Maybe you could get a separate MH ballast, they're probably quite affordable.
    Sorry I've been of no help.
  3. They definitely make MH conversion bulbs in 250w, I run one. But at 150w I am not aware of MH conversion bulbs. There are some 150w HPS conversion bulbs, but that would be designed to run off a MH fixture.
  4. If that's a digital ballast you have, you can use either 150W HPS or MH bulbs.
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