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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheHempMan, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. can i buy hps lights at home depot or lowes maybe?
  2. There are so many cheap light retailers out there now allowing you to build your own lights there really is no excuse for stealing streetlights, which may I remind you we all pay for in tax and serve the honourable purpose of LIGHTING PEOPLES WAY.

    Instead of nicking why not save the money for your own lights by cutting down the amount you smoke now?

    Oh no, I forget, that would be a sacrifice.

    *shakes head* kids today.
  3. how much are they?
  4. im jackin those mo fos hehe(lol)
  5. The key is cutting one wire at a time and making shure they dont touch eachother or a common ground.
  6. Its in the fixture.
  7. were can u steal them?
  8. any orange light on a building is hps.
  9. Can't stand tea leaves.

    Let's just steal whatever we can't afford to buy and then blame it on the system keeping us down.

    Me, me, me, me, me.

    If this wasn't the internet I'd shout.
  10. calm down sureshot. so any light on the streets thats orange is hps? cant i just steel it from the store?
  11. its a bit more riskey shoplifting rather then stealing one off a building at 3 in the morning. shure shot the only reason why we would stel is because 1) its something to do out of the ordinay and puts some excitmey in your life 2) why spend $500 for 2 1000 watt hps lights when you can get them for free? 2) im not a fing anarchist and want to fuck the "system" 3)taking some lights wont do jack to the system besides piss of the janitors.
  12. I get pissed off cos that bit of fun (what's wrong with climbing, riding, surfing, jumpin outta airplanes?) is someones lively hood. You might get them for free but someone else has to fork over a couple of hundred quid for new lights.

    Put it like this if for whatever i walked past your house and was lightless would it be OK for me to think fuck i don't have any lights, he does, I'll rob 'em off him?

    You'd be pissed off right?

    Well, if you ever try and run you're own business you'll know how tight it can be at the beginning, then you'll understand why selfishness annoys me so much.

    I think of it this way, a decent set of lights is not only going to save you money it's going o make you money. To put your grow at risk by using hooky lights it's just a pointless nobrainer.

    Besides, it's against my morals to thieve.

    And WTF with $500!!!

    Do some research.

    1000bulbs is a good start.

    Hey man, I'm not you're dad, do what you like.

    Stay safe at least.
  13. If you can afford to buy some pots , dirt, fertilizer and all of your other supplies why in the hell would you even think about stealing a street light? What if some narc sees you and follows you right to your illegal stash of weed? Please give yourself a break and cough up the little bit extra for thr lights!
  14. yes its still in the $500 range 2 lights and 2 balllastst is 360 then you need the reflectors and light fittings wich run another $100=$460. Bottom line is i dont have $500 and if i were doing a big grow now and had a good strain i would steal one but im not. Im working my way up now im doing an outdoor grow and im going to sell that harvest and buy the parts i need for my mini omega garden.
  15. Is it shady to walk into a Home Depot and ask for 500w HPS lamps and lights?
  16. No its not shady to buy grow supplies. but home depot dosent habe 500w setups, go to a gardenting store. One time me and my friend were buying poting soil, a compact floro and a tube for my vape and one guy came over and asked us if we needed help, we were lik uhhh. He said "it'll make a hell of a bong" and walked away smiling. Half the people working at stores were/are stoners like you and I.
  17. <rant>

    You said it right there. If you were doing a big grow. If you're going to steal to do a commercial grow that's even worse.

    The way you're doing it is the honourable way.

    The lights will pay for themselves in one grow.

    Why not save the money from the pot you're smoking now?

    Same goes to THC101, if you spent less time drunk and more time saving some wedge then maybe you wouldn't have to go out theiving?

    So what if the gvt made pot illegal. To assume two wrongs makes a right just brings you down to their level. Surely?

    Beyond this, the government pays for some yes, shop keepers pay for others, but in the end WE ALL pay in the increase in prices and the filter through of extra costs.

    If we ever want the plant that we all love to be legal we must show ourselves as a community to be moral, honest and upstanding.

    Some self sacrifice has to be made to the cause. EVERYONE should grow there own herb. There is NO reason not too. Cut out the drug dealers and we can take criminality out of this trade without the fucking governments help. If we have to make some initial sacrifice (working a few extra hours, cutting down our smoking or whatever) to do this then so be it.


    Grow safe.

    Stand up. Be counted. Show the fuckers that we are decent people.

    W.A.R.P.- We.Are.Reasonable.People.

    Great record label. Better as a pro pot slogan.

  18. sureshot ur not going to change anyones mind about stealing so wat ever people think about stealing is there problem.
  19. I don't want to change your opinion.

    If someone comments on what I say. I'll comment back.

    Thanks anyhow.
  20. Sureshot! Usually I would be screaming right along side you, expressing distress and possibly severly upbraiding the(obviously)young person for considering theft as a solution for his personal problems. But in this single circumstance: If TheHempman lives in California, where the state cannot afford to keep our streets lit, I will hold the ladder for him!lol
    Seriously, Hempman, you are better off with the home security lights available at those very stores. They are designed for easy installation! Easier to get replacement bulbs! They will not expose you to unnecessary risk!
    Be good, it will pay off in the long run, I promise, on my honor as the earth girl

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