HPS Lights Need Replacing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HumboldtNation, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Check it .

    Im new here, but i was hoping i might be able to get some input on a dilemma and a disagreement.

    Have not replaced Bulbs for 3 Full Grows( Period of One year).

    6 HPS lights with a 4x4 box underneath each. We try for the elusive Pound a Light formula, although its seemed to escape me so far.

    Replacing our HPS bulbs would be 600$ out of pocket. If we could put it off that would be sweet,

    I've recently heard that after a year or like 24000 hours your bulbs degrade.

    What experience have you guys had with it,
    Do i Need to Replace my lights ASAP or my yield will be lower than normal ( Not acceptable)



    I was hoping to get some tips for Increasing our Yield

    Currently we use a nice Organic Soil Medium - Usually with a Half-Bag of Chicken Shit mixed in the first 6 inches. Happy Frog Soil.


    Were pretty much Opposed to In-Organic Nutrients, i think it makes the weed taste shitty and it just seems like feeding your plants chemical bullshit.

    BUT I REALLY AM open to suggestion

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