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HPS Lighting System

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by teg21, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. What do you guys think of this system i am going to buy, its a good price, by far the cheeapest i have found.

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  2. You can get a 70w hps security light at Lowes for just under $55. Better yet two (140w) for about $100!

    Works for me so far!
  3. 110 dollars 400W, insidesun.com
  4. HIGH All, can I jump in....it's the same as my 400W HPS...but I have the Hortilux 400w HPS..it's better than just a HPS. You won't be dissapointed.
  5. is the "hortilux" like a son agro type of deal?
  6. I have not seen 150w HPS at Home Depot for $50, only the 70w ones.

    Do you have a model number? I wouldn't mind another
  7. its not available on the website...... you gotta go in to the store.....
  8. where i come from i bought this morning a 430 son agro bulb to upgrade my 250HPS system..

    33 euros. :)
  9. you do have a ballast for the 430 right?
  10. what bout bulbs...??? i saw a phillips 250w hps bulb for 20 dollars at home depot?? what else will i need besides the bulb and how much will it cost.....also what is hortilux???? is it a brand or what>>

  11. like NaughtyDread sez u need a 400w balast to run that.

  12. u will also neeed a balast and fittings. and a plug.

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