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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jrrtokin, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. Just got my 250w HPS all put together and working, should be cool, but want to know how close to the plants to keep it. Does it have to be close like fluros? I'm guessing the heat means keep it further away, but someone who knows please tell me...


  2. start out by keeping it far from your new plants.(about 2 feet) then gradually move it closer till your place are stronger.
  3. 1 cm per watt of light, i.e. 250 watts = 25 centimeters. Unless you have a good ventilation system that can extract the heat.
  4. Centimeters too inches

    250 Watt 25 cm = 10 inches

    1000 Watt = 100 CM = 40 Inches

    What would 8" get me?
  5. thanks for the advice. It seems very hot in there now with the 250w (compared to the winter weather), even with a fan - anyone know how sensitive the thermal imaging cameras are that the cops use?

    Its also so bright in there I might have to start wearing sunglasses, which I guess is a good thing...


  6. They may pick you up BUT remember lots of places give off heat. they are looking for patterns if they are lookin gat all , they have to have a reason to do some hunting.
    Hot spots would draw their attention...really hot spots! it's rather normal for locations to have hot spots time to time..depends on what kind of building your in as well.

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