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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CodyMac, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. to small.. u will need a bigger grow box..... u def have heat problem..latezz..
  2. sorry it is 5x4.5 not 3x3
  3. a 250 watt will do good in the size.....with a good ventalation....
  4. you can use the 400, but like shade said, you'll prob get some heat problems, like i do....i run a 400 in a 3.5x3.5.......but it can be done, but get a really good extraction system first......and a heat shied for the HPS bulb, keeps temp down and lets you get the light closer.

    or make the room smaller and as shade said, use a 250........Peace out......Sid
  5. i think you'll be just fine, a 4oo watter will cover 3 bubblers nicely, if you can keep the ballast out side of the room that would be much better, i grow in a closet 5' x 2 1/2' and i use a total of 670 watts, a 400 hps and a 250 watter w/ 270 conversion bulb, the ballast for the 400 is outside and the ballast for the 250 is in the room because its built in. i keep the door ajar during the middle part of lights on with a fan blowing, that keeps the temp in the 80s range, i can keep the door close safely for a few hour after they come on and for a few hours before they go off and in the winter time i can keep it closed all the time. i wouldn't go for a 250, the difference in yeild will be a lot, you can always find ways to exhast heat, but you can never make up watts....unless you buy another light............know why i grow with a 250 and a 400?.....you guessed it, i first went for a 250 to play it safe, then i realized i wasn't gonna get the
    heavy duty prodution i thought i was, so added a 400, if i had bought that to begin with i never would have bought the 250.....your set up sounds ideal to me.

  6. are you my twin......?.......lol......you've got all the same problems as me, even right down to the leaving the door open exept for winter, and i bought a 150w MH first then the 400 HPS, and i combine the 2 as well.......lol......Peace out.....Sid
  7. LOL...no doubt all us growers travel the same rocky road :)

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