Hps light for veg will it do?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by simo123, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. G,day fellow grasscity members i have recently been thinking about buying a lighting system that comes with it all it is fairly cheap and the hydroponics company is based in asutralia so it makes it alot easier to recieve and they dont have american cords and different voltages ect you know what i mean (im not being racest) anyway this company seems to only sell HPS light kits 250watt, 400watt, 600watt, 1000watt anyways im thinking of buying the 250watt systems comes with everything all i need to do is plug it in the only problem is HPS is meant to be for flower can i use it for vegg effectivtly or will this affect my plants and will it have any consequences like streching what should i do please if you know of any australian hydroponic retailers even on eBay or if you live in australia were you got your light kit/system from

    Thanks in advance simo123
  2. Many growers use the HPS for the entire grow. ;)
  3. get a MH conversion bulb for the HPS then you'll have the proper light for veg and flower.
  4. Yes, hps works fine for vegging plants.. Just not as efficient a light spectrum for vegging as mh or daylight cfls, but they'll works fine none the less... mh, daylight cfl offer more blue spectrum which is better for veggatative growth.

    They sell advanced spectrum bulbs now though..Son agro, plantstar, or hortilux hps make hps bulbs with more blue spectrum, and mh bulbs with more red spectrum which would be a bit better then the standard bulbs used throughout the whole grow.... conversion bulbs are also available. These dont last as long as a standard bulb, and have lower watt-lumen output, but they do allow you to use mh in hps sytems, and visa versa.

    I myself use hps straight through the grow, but supplement spectrums with daylight color 6500k compact fluorescents in vegg, switching them out for the warmer colored 2700k cfls which is a better spectrum for flowering.....
  5. Thanks for all the valuable help much appreciated! :D
  6. yup it works fine, but if you opt for that MH conversion for veg, it wouldn't hurt my feelings... :smoke:

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