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  1. I added yet another 150 watt HPS. Set it on chain about 10" from tops of planets.
    One ofthe plants today showed stress. Some of the leafs that would get a direct hit from this new add light were wilted.
    I backed off the light another 10" bring it to about 20"
    Also the temp in the area is a steady 76 F.
    Also I gave the plant a misting of water to help with the wilt.
    I am running 440 watt HPS and 160 watt flor.

    Am I on track?

    BTW I will shortly drop a photo of a plant I did couple of days ago..the axials on this one have really gone crazy..there has to be 200 axails and they are starting to grow out from stem.
  2. Picture of leafs meantioned in prior post

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