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HPS light cycling off.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by HillbillyHoax, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Thanks for taking a look at my issue. Not sure if this is the right spot but it is about lighting. Anywho on to the issue.

    I've got a Sun System Harvest Pro Elite 1000 watt MH/HPS magnetic ballast with a large Adjust-A-Wing with the large Super Spreader. I don't remember the brand of the bulb but it was not a name brand like hortilux. The issue is the bulb is cycling off for a period of about 30 min. I'm not sure how often it is occurring but I set it up yesterday and turned it on. I went back out a few hours later to check my temp and the lights core was glowing but the bulb was not illuminated. I switched of the ballast and turned it back on immediately and the bulb came right on. I went back out at lunch to check on it and it did the same thing while I was looking at it but I left it alone this time. I went back out about 30 min later and it was on. I went out there earlier and it went out again. Everything was supposed to have just a few hours on it and was clean and it the origional boxes. I'm leaning towards needing a new bulb but wanted to come here before spending money on something that may be normal break in. I read on the Sun Systems FAQs that new bulbs may cycle for the first bit of use. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out in this little endevor. :smoking:

  2. I think your ballast might be acting up...had the same problem and it led to premature bulb failure....unless you have a timer in use with your system.
  3. Nope no timer. I really didn't want to hear that about the ballast. I guess I shouldn't have been a dip stick and buy it used.

  4. The sweet thing about mag ballasts is they are a snap to fix. An ignitor And a cap are relatively cheap. (I like to always have an extra on standby to put to use or salvage parts.

    Sounds to me like your magnetic core is on it's way out. (these are cheap too)

    The 2 workhorses in my OP are both used and have ran flawless for over 1year(no breaks).
    Was this a classified listings buy?

    My hydroshop sells used equipment and even warranties it for 3 months.
  5. Oh and another tidbit.

    It's extremely hard on bulbs to refire them instantly when they go out.
    You must wait 10-15mins and let it cool.
    This will prolong your bulbs life.
  6. I had it plugged into a surge protector that was bad. Lesson learned, don't put anything unnecessary in between.
  7. Alot cheaper than ballast parts.
  8. Much cheaper! I just cut off the end of the cord and wired in a electrical outlet and box that I already had!


    Who do I need to talk to about getting a smiley with a peace sign?

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